Most outrageous purchase?

Short version—
There’s a blanket I want from a shop in Wales and my DH is kinda tired of hearing about it so he told me to just get the damn blanket already. Issue is, it’s nearly $300 USD before tax and shipping. Yeah.

My $30 Amazon blankie is fine. Not especially soft, but it’s cute and snuggly. I still super want that blanket from Wales though!! LOL

So what’s the most outrageous thing you’ve splurged on for yourself?

In 1986, I spent $600 on a black velvet gown to wear to a “society” New Year’s party. It was stunning, and I felt fabulous in it. I still have it. (It cost more than my wedding dress.)

Go ahead. Buy the blanket.


Spend on yourself. Get the blanket. I have collectors puzzles and Lego sets that I paid $300+ for.


A 3 week, 14 cities tour of China that included a 4 day boat trip on the Yangtze River - it was 2005 and it cost a small fortune, but is by far one of the best things I ever did for myself. I learned so much, and saw more than I could have hoped for. And I would do it again.


Two nights in a private reserve in South Africa. Could’ve paid my mortgage for two months.


I don’t spend money on myself… except for books. I have zero issues tossing money at my DH and kids, but I just can’t seem to spend on myself w/o feeling very anxious about it. It took my DH nearly a year to convince me to get a new laptop. It worked fine, mostly. I had to use a plug in mouse and it only held a charge for about an hour and a half. LOL

Anyway, this blanket … Craig Goch | Supersoft Pure Wool Welsh Blankets - FelinFach


I have a few gowns that I spent quite a bit on too. I’ll never wear them again, but I still have them.


Is $300 for a wool blanket that outrageous a price?

I spent $200 for a simple, queen-sized, wool blanket, ordered from a local sheep farmer at a farmer’s market.


Not really. But still $300 for a blanket that’s not going on a bed, KWIM? When I can get something acceptable from Amazon or Pottery Barn for far less. Seems a bit of an extravagance in that respect.

Two of my daughters were competitive irish dancers for 10/12 years. Those costumes cost $3000+ (when they were little they were only $2000), and they outgrew them (fortunately my older daughter was a little taller than her sister so had a few years of handing them down). I remind myself that are the successful women they are today partially due to the commitment to the sport, time management skills, physical fitness, national and international travel, setting goals, learning to lose with grace, but man that is one expensive hobby.


Travel… we pay for good views like a Fallsview room at Niagara Falls (not resorts though) and we most likely put more into our travel budget than we should overall. No regrets.

“Things” rarely interest us. Unless it’s travel related useful things (good hiking boots), we skimp on things.


House2. Definitely the most outrageous purchase ever! :slight_smile: We could have just stayed in House1.


Did you ever try to sell those dresses? I know my friend was able to sell those very expensive Irish dance dresses and then purchase new ones used. Her daughter even got to dance at Worlds in Ireland.

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Our second home. We looked at three places, just to see what was out there, and went home to think about it. we were sitting around that evening & I told my husband that we should buy the third place. He was stunned, to say the least, as I had been a reluctant house viewer.

I’m sitting on the deck enjoying my morning coffee, watching boats go out for shrimping and the eagles flying overhead. Best purchase ever.


I sold most, I could usually get $1200 - $1400 if under a year old, their teachers strongly pushed new dresses custom made by the leprechauns. I still have my oldest’s first dress (paid only $450 for it used when she was 6), and her last (designed by her teachers, so hideous even they wouldn’t let her wear it). My oldest qualified for Worlds every year (London, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Montreal, Boston…), my youngest just twice. Taking a week off from school with AP classes wasn’t easy. The dressmakers are smart, changing up trends very often, and dancers try to keep up with the current look, same with wigs and hair pieces. What a market.


Hmmm, so many splurges, hard to ID just one. 1st big one was when I was traveling with my law firm and we were in Carmel, CA. I was freezing and we happened to stop in a store that had a gorgeous pair of black wool slacks and lovely wool sweater. Both fit me perfectly and I tried not to think of the (to me outrageous) price. It was early 1980s and I think the slacks were $400 or so and sweater $600. I wore the sweater for years, so did get my money’s worth from it. The slacks didn’t fit after I had my kids—body redesigned by them. Donated the slacks.

I’d buy the blanket—you deserve it!


Most outrageous for me was when both of our girls rode competitive hunter/jumper horses. Over the years we owned 3 ponies and 3 horses. Ten years ago the monthly board and training for D2’s show horse was more than our mortgage each month. And at that time new shoes for the horse every 6 weeks were $175.

Buy the blanket!


One I can think of for my daughter. I once on a whim spent $1200 on a new flute headjoint. That I really didn’t have and my husband wasn’t happy about. But she made youth orchestra so it was worth it :wink:!

For me I once spent $200 on a knit jacket. I still have it and when I wear it, I feel special. It’s like this Molly Jacket – Studio 639-Tonia DeBellis

If I were to really splurge right now I would spring for these sandals But $450 for a pair of sandals! Ouch!

Or a drawer microwave. I really covet one of those


We did splurge to buy each of our kids their respective instruments (violin and trumpet). Neither kid has touched either instrument since HS. :frowning: At the time, it was a significant stretch for us to buy the instruments but both kids really wanted them.

One if the ways of calculating prices and value is enjoyment you get per use or over the lifetime of the purchase. If the enjoyment is high enough it can be worth it even if use is short (eg wedding gown, tux). If it’s a splurge but you plan to keep it a decade or longer and use it often, the per use enjoyment can make it worthwhile.


Boarding school.