Most prestigious SUNY?

Which SUNY is the most well known for computer science? Which SUNY is the most well known in general?

You’ll get a variety of answers of course, but, IMO, from following school rankings over the last year, I would say that the top tier of SUNY CS schools includes Stony Brook, University of Buffalo, and Binghamton. The order between those three depends on the list and who you ask - but they all seem respected as far as I can tell. The second tier seems to be Albany, Oswego, Fredonia, Oneonta, Plattsburgh, Potsdam, and Brockport. I’m probably leaving some out - but those are the ones I’ve seen on rankings off the top of my head.

I’m not an expert - my son is a HS senior now applying to SUNYs for CS - so, I’ve been casually following rankings, message boards etc for the past year or so.

As to which SUNY is the most well known in general, it depends…I don’t know if there is one clear answer. I grew up on LI and Stony Brook was the most well known down there. I live in upstate NY now, and Buffalo is probably the most well known up here - they have a lot of alumni in my area, and their sports teams make the news.

I would offer Geneseo as well – the top public LAC of the SUNYs

I hear Geneseo is declining - rapidly.

The original poster asked about computer science - which I don’t believe Geneseo offers.

I don’t think prestigious is a word I’d use for SUNYs but they offer an education at a reasonable price. There is also a lot of choice because there are 64 campuses. For STEM, the top school, hands down, is Stony Brook. I’m just talking about the academics. Naturally there are other concerns for any student. But if you want to know which is the best known and highest regarded in terms of STEM it is Stony Brook (hard stop). For STEM I’d put Buffalo next. Albany next.

Binghamton is the high demand SUNY school now -probably top in engineering though Buffalo is close. SB had a reputation for unhappy students and seems most popular with those on Long Island.

Buffalo and Stony Brook for engineering are considered by most to be the top (of the SUNY schools) in engineering, with Buffalo leading but for other areas in math and science Stony Brook mostly leads. Stony Brook is actually in Long Island so naturally they would have many students from Long Island but all 4 of the Centers have tons of Long Island students. There are a lot of people from Long Island!

Albany honors and Bing for business
Stony Brook for science, pre-med, CS, Engineering
Buffalo for engineering
Bing and Geneseo for everything else