Most Realistic Tests After Official Guide


<p>Looking for Maths level 2, Physics and Biology.</p>

<p>For Bio I found PR pretty accurate and Barrons a bit more difficult (as always)
For math 2 I strongly suggest you go through the Barrons tests. If you can do good on those you're guaranteed a high score on the actual test.</p>

<p>Thank you, I'm actually thinking of not giving Biology now...its just too different from what we study in A-Levels. </p>

<p>I am doing the Barrons Math 2 tests, I'm on the last one now (left a few questions in there, mostly coordinate geometry stuff and a few other difficult ones).</p>

<p>I have been searching the forums and I believe Sparknotes is pretty accurate for Physics, so I'll definitely do that after I complete PR's Physics tests. </p>

<p>But what should I do after I'm done with the Barrons Math 2 tests? Is sparknotes for Math2 any good?</p>

<p>(I do plan on going through the few questions I skipped at the end)</p>

<p>My timing in Barrons is VERY VERY slow.. I take hours to solve just one paper..really worried, but I heard is much more difficult than the real thing, so maybe timing won't be that big an issue, also a person is more serious/focused in the exam room. hmmm.</p>

<p>Barrons for Math II is a lot harder than the actual test, while the sample test in the official guide is a bit easier. I think the best I did on a Barron's test was 680, but I got an 800 on the real thing. PR is also decent for math (and all other SAT II's for that matter).</p>

<p>Investing in a Ti-nspire CAS and knowing how to use it really helps. I think the old versions are pretty cheap to (<$70).</p>