Most Rigorous AP Courses?

<p>What are considered the most rigorous AP courses?
My school currently offers Statistics, Calculus, Biology, Environmental, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Language, Music Theory, Psychology, U.S Gov/Politics, U.S History, Microeconomics, and World History.</p>

<p>Which of those do you recommend I take?</p>

<p>Rigorous AP's are-
Statistics, Calculus, Biology(Depends), Physics(HARD), Enviromental(Depends, Im taking it), US History(Depends)</p>

<p>Stats, Cal and Physics, will brainwash you- They are extremely hard. Remember- Cal has AB And BC, 2 parts, as well as Physics- B and C. </p>

<p>Psychology is fun, but lots of work.</p>

<p>Your list seems to be different from what most others have, since statistics and environmental science are usually considered to be among the easier APs, and often self-studied. Both get at most a semester of credit or placement in college, unlike some others.</p>

<p>Calculus AB is about 2/3 of the material that calculus BC has, so it is not as difficult.</p>

<p>Physics B covers more subjects in less depth than physics C, which uses calculus.</p>

<p>^ Agreed... Your hardest classes are Chem, Bio, and Physics C. Idk about other schools but at my school they are all double periods as well. I can't recommend classes as I don't know what you can handle, your intended college/major or even your interests.</p>

<p>Hardest would be Chem, Calculus and Physics. Bio is alright depending how good your memorization is. Everything else is considered okay-easy.</p>

<p>Psych is definitely the easiest AP since it can be easily self-studied. (Just because a high school teacher makes it a lot of work, doesn't make the AP curriculum itself difficult.)</p>

<p>Colleges view -- which is all that matters-- the most rigorous: the big three sciences (Chem, Bio, Physics), Calc BC, Eng Lit, Euro, foreign lang (if not spoken at home).</p>

<p>btw: Enviro can be really easy after AP Bio since Enviro is nothing more than a subset of Bio. It also can be a good double -- take both in the same year. (Of course, many Enviro teachers load up the busy/project work since the material itself is limited.)</p>

You don't need to take the most rigorous AP courses.
Depending on your major in colleges, some AP courses would be "good enough" to get you credits.
For example,
Any majors: AP US Hist. Either AP Lang or AP Lit. Taking both courses would not give you more credits.
Physics and / or Engineering: AP US Hist, AP Lang, AP Cal BC, AP Phy C, AP Chem. You don't need AP Bio.
Science other than Physics and / or Health: AP US Hist, AP Lang, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Cal AB, AP Phy B</p>

<p>4kidsdad, what should i take for majoring in mathematics?</p>

<p>Calculus BC, English literature, and any that may be useful for breadth requirements at the colleges you are interested in.</p>

<p>If applied math, note that physics C, computer science, economics, and statistics are all in fields that math is applied to, although they may not be considered as rigorous as the true college courses at many colleges.</p>

<p>Of course, in general, taking a well rounded high school course selection should look good for admissions purposes. If you have interest in specific other subjects for which good (as in good teachers and the like) AP courses are offered, you may want to choose those AP courses even if their AP credit may not be that useful.</p>

<p>AP Cal BC & other classes that interest you</p>

<p>However, it really depends on the schools. For example, Univ of Georgia addmission weights your GPA. So the more AP classes, the better your GPA in the admission considersation. See
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<p>AP Cal credits see
AP</a> Credit
& UGA math major see
see Majoring</a> in Mathematics at UGA</p>