MOSTEC 2021 Student Network

Welcome accepted MOSTEC 2021 students,

This thread is for accepted MOSTEC 2021 students who will be attending MOSTEC over the summer. If you were accepted into MOSTEC but will not be attending over the summer, please find another thread. Now, for a brief thread intro/raison d’etre. I am an accepted MOSTEC 2021 student who would wishes to begin networking as soon as possible. More specifically, I would like to facilitate greater cohesion in answering pressing MOSTEC questions, building intellectual camaraderie, and any other MOSTEC related affairs that may come up before we all meet during the summer. A note of warning. I am not a fan of these types of forums precisely because they invite copious amounts of trolling, stupidity, and otherwise uncouth and foolish behavior. So please, let’s represent the MOSTEC 2021 community well, and let’s not go on rants, troll, or engage in any other unbecoming behavior. Also, please communicate professionally when you can and don’t just spam the thread with emojis/text-speak, or too many acronyms, as we are trying not to be typical unruly teenagers here. Additionally, I would like to stress that the creation of this forum is to facilitate cohesion in the MOSTEC 2021 community before the program starts, not just to answer questions about MOSTEC, so once enough people have joined, I will post about how we can organize ourselves, be it through discord, slack, or other mediums. Additionally, note that the MOSTEC coordinators will have an official slack for the summer, so once we set up an organized mode of communication, this will only be until the summer, when such communication mediums will be supplanted by official channels. Also, a note about time. We have limited time to organize ourselves before the summer, so let’s not be dilly-dallying, so the sooner you respond to this thread, the sooner I can include you organizationally, additionally, as the moderator of this thread, when I ask a question aimed at the general organization of the people in this thread, timely responses are paramount. I will do my part and respond to any direct question within 24 hours on business days and 48 hours on weekends. Lastly, I would like to also speak to the “spirit” of this thread. It is meant to be cooperative and kind, but also very efficient, intense, and ambitious in its organization of MOSTEC students. That means, let’s try to answer each other’s questions, but this thread is not a rabbit-hole thread, it is a lets-get-something-done thread. With that being said, I look forward to networking with all of you.

Best wishes,

Anonymous MOSTEC 2021 student

Hey there! I was accepted to the MOSTEC’s 2021 cohort and we already have a Discord available. If you’d like to join, feel free to PM me. Don’t worry about being too formal, MOSTEC is supposed to be a casual and fun!

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Ok, that works, so what is your discord name and ID so I can PM you?

I sent it to your private messages!

I was accepted to MOSTEC as well! Can you PM me with the Discord link?

I’m a sophomore interested in MOSTEC and I wanted to ask if a lack of STEM related ECs would be a disadvantage (I am involved in my STEM club and Science Olympiad at my school, but will participate in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion program this summer, but that’s about it).