Mother of 2, returning to school?

<p>It seems like the place I might be able to get some advice. I am a 25 year old mother of two, an entrepreneur, and I am entering my third year of attempting to attain my associates degree in Accounting. That's right... third year of my two year degree. Needless to say I am burnt out. Four classes, all online because on campus is a 45 minute drive that isn't in the cards with work and kids on the table, and all the tasks that come with being a mother and a wife have me completely worn down. I am contemplating a semester off. Here is my story:</p>

<p>I returned to school in the Fall of 2010 and it was a lot of fun in the beginning. I love to learn and did pretty well in high school. Upon returning to college, five years out of graduating high school and after having two kids, I found the work to be a bit more challenging than high school, but still quite rewarding! My kids were small enough it wasn't a big issue to find study time and my husband was the sole breadwinner of the home without worry. </p>

<p>Then, we hit hard times. I was forced to find a way to bring in some money to help off set our financial woes. So I launched my business, Little Odd Jobs, to help bring in some of our $10,000 per year we raise our family on currently. Things are tight, but we make it work. Now fast forward to today. I am failing two classes and struggling to keep up with the work partially because of personal demands and partially because when I get confused or something feels ambiguous my instructors won't answer their phone/email/etc to assist students (as they say they will!) I am at my wits end. I am beyond frustrated. I NEVER failed classes prior to college. I was a straight A student for god sakes!! </p>

<p>I am losing time with my kids and time I could be helping our meager financial situation to fail classes where the teachers are awful toward the students. I really think a semester off might be what I need... Advice?</p>

<p>I don’t think most of us could successfully raise two young kids, run a business, and “attend” college. You need to re-think you priorities. Perhaps wait until the kids are in school full-time so you can travel to and from the college rather than take unsatisfactory online classes. Or reduce your courseload so you can concentrate on one class at a time. Right now it sounds as if you are so burned out that you can’t give proper attention to your family, business or education.</p>