Motivated, Alternative, Broad-Minded Students?

<p>How big is the non-frat/football culture at FSU? Does a decently sized subculture exist? The type of people who concentrate on their studies, like to get involved in philosophical debates and intellectual conversation, have traveled and thus have a broader view of the world, and like to focus on bigger things? They can be all sorta of people artists, scientists, poli sci majors ect. </p>

<p>I don't mean any of this to be condescending, but I come from an European-immigrant home and we value education and culture, ect and I'd like to have a little bit of that in my college experience. It's a big school, so I hope it will be around somewhere.</p>

<p>This question indicates you've not been on campus. Such discussions occur everywhere. You'll find points of view of every stripe and flavor.</p>

<p>Definitely - look around campus for posted flyers on stuff going on around campus. There are a ton of clubs to join that will suit your needs.</p>

<p>You hardly even have to look; often times people will just hand you random stuff. Campus has 40,000 people, over 20,000 of which are undergrads. There's clubs/discussion groups for pretty much anything; especially open minded philosophical groups. One time, there were two people handing out fliers by HCB; one for people who question Christianity/Creationism, and another looking to tell the truth which was "the bible." Thought that was pretty funny.</p>