Motivation and Influence

<p>I'm in dire need of motivation and influential stories to keep my goals running through my head. Currently, I'm in an intersection of my life where I am now responsible of my own destiny! I will be attending UIC (University of Illinois-Chicago) as a freshman this fall for the college of engineering. My real plan and outset is to ultimately transfer to UIUC's (Urbana-Champaign) engineering program. I have persevered through so much adversity in my life and classes, and juggling tough load of classes. Early this year I found out that I got rejected to UIUC's college of engineering, and day by day I have become more encouraged to try my hardest at UIC. </p>

<p>Finally, I just want to be going to UIUC in the fall of 2011. I KNOW that I can do it, but I lack the support from my friends and family. People doubt me all the time, and I just need just a flow of energy to keep me going to reach my goal. I'm aiming for a 3.8-4.0 GPA at I was wondering from the community of CC, if you guys can give me advice on how to manage my time and study well.</p>

<p>Also, if anyone can give me their favorite quote, it helps brighten up my day and others!</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>This isn't a quote from anybody famous, but my JROTC teacher once told me, "Anyone can be badass once they decide to be." Which is completely true. We all have the capability - now unleash it! You've gone through some sketchy moments in life and you're still coherent, which is honestly a lot more than most people say. Instead of wibbling in your room about not getting into engineering, you're already determined and finding ways to succeed. If anything you're already badass and just milking us for encouragement ;) good luck!</p>

<p>^^^Good perspective!!! Thanks!</p>