Motivation for the struggling

<p>People have constantly been struggling with burnout, stress etc.
There was recently a nice quote posted on reddit: it has motivated me, i think it can do a lot for CCHS too :)</p>

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<p>It is slightly lengthy, but most people on CC can read : P</p>

<p>thanks for this :)</p>

<p>That's a cool post!</p>

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so well said!!</p>

<p>Let's not underestimate the factor of intelligence. Indeed, hard-work, effort, and dedication are all huge factors in determining success. But let's not leave out the hereditary factors because we want to make ourselves feel better. There will always be those who perform better in academics because they have greater mental capacity and cognitive ability, and there's no question about it. On the bright side however, you can make up for this lack of intelligence with extra work and effort. I like to put it metaphorically in the form of a one hundred meter race. This race represents academic success once you pass the 100 mark. Passing the 100 mark in this race equals an A, a high SAT/ACT score, you name it! Now, think of it this way. A person with average intelligence will start at the 0 point mark and start running the entire 100 meter race. A person with above average intelligence will be put at the 20-30 meter point mark and start running 70-80 meters. A person of superior intelligence will be placed at the 50 meter point mark and run a mere 50 meters. And finally, a person with highly superior intelligence will be put at the 80 meter point mark and walk 20 meters leisurely, making the same progress someone with average intelligence who has begun at the 0 meter point mark and run for 100 meters. The point is, you have a choice. You are an average person, and you are standing at 0. You can either sprint through this race, to beat the other more fortunate individuals, which will take a huge amount of energy, motivation and effort. Or, you can trudge along, and be depressed because you didn't get the same head start. Most people go with the latter option. Great people, successful people, are not always intelligent. They are sometimes those who are put at the 0 point mark and sprint the entire way, every day.</p>