<p>I think mine just dropped rock hard.</p>

<p>Any motivation? :/ </p>

<p>What motivates you guys other then College?</p>

<p>Think of all of those teacher pets who won't get as high of a score than you do! (:</p>

<p>I was always motivated by competition. When I was earning my teaching degree, I learned I was called an "ego learner."</p>

<p>^ Competitiveness was probably the only reason why I am "smart" or at least academically. I owe it all to a friend in 8th grade. She made me realize that I have to step up my game, since she constantly nagged to me about hers. Ever since then, my grades stepped up dramatically to the top 1% in my class even in High School.</p>

<p>But whenever I do open a SAT book, and do a question and then get it wrong, it's a huge moral hit. I know learning from mistakes are important, however, when you're in a 2400 mentality, wanting to go to a university in the top 20, or even 50, each question you get wrong is jolting. Thus why my motivation is so low now. I still have about a year or two since I take a serious SAT test (real one), and I already took a required PSAT (by my school) and scored the highest in my school while being a freshmen. However, it wasn't good enough ofcourse since I haven't even passed the 200 barrier.</p>

<p>What's your current score ^?</p>

<p>My PSAT as a freshmen was a 162. Ofcourse, I have improved greatly by now as a rising Sophomore. I will take it again Sophomore year to see the improvement. I will probably improve 20-25 points. But still not passing the 200 barrier.</p>

<p>My school required (only those inside a special honors program) all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders to take the PSAT. So I took it with raw knowledge ofcourse, but I was familiar with the format.</p>

<p>The prospect of a fulfilling life motivates me. </p>

<p>A PSAT, or even a SAT for that matter, isn't the end all, be all test, as much people make it out to be. </p>

<p>But doing well on the PSAT (or SAT) does give you a bigger chance at a fulfilling life, depending on how you define "fulfilling."</p>

<p>Just be a stoic about the PSAT and go for it! You can be a hedonist later ;)!</p>

<p>Getting one step closer to my dream school and beating everyone is what motivates me. :D</p>

<p>Picture all the glory you'll get for getting a perfect score. Newspaper articles. Schoolwide announcements. Whispers when you walk in the hallway. That feeling of superiority over all your average peers. Women.</p>

<p>I had exactly your problem then made an important discovery we will all die nobody will put on your grave RIP scorer of 2400 on SAT.... the only way to get motivation up is to keep working hard and thinking of a beneficial role you will do to the community like helping poor, increasing living standards, helping orphans things which will make you not only happy about your life but also about other lifes, simply motivation is something which can never stay unless you really have a good goal which is worth your ENTIRE life and you will never get bored from it hope i helped ... :D:D:D</p>

<p>+1.0 x 10^6</p>



If you're over a year away from the test and you feel your motivation waning, take a break. Non-stop training, whether in sports or academics or anything, can become counter-productive. Sometimes you need to stop and let what you've learned sink in, then come back recharged. It doesn't have to be a long break, but if you're continually studying for the SAT that you'll take in 18 months, you're doing more harm than good by not taking a vacation. </p>

<p>Next, I think you should change the way you look at your mistakes. If you missed a question because you didn't know that the correct form is 'different from' and not 'different than', you've just been given a gift. That gift is that you learned that fact during practice, when it doesn't count, and not on the real test, when it does. The SAT repeats the question-types all the time, so you might see that one again. If you do, you'll be ready. </p>

<p>I know it's jolting to get questions wrong when you want a perfect score, but to become perfect, you need to go through a learning period when you're not. Focus on how you're making progress. When you make a mistake, figure out not just the right answer, but why the wrong answer fooled you. </p>

<p>I hope this answer helps.</p>


<p>Are you a sophomore, junior, senior?
And chill for a bit. Like 2 days, just chill, then go back studying (:</p>


<p>Thank you so much. It made me feel better at least. You're right, I should take a break. It will help me re-gain confidence/motivation, rather then just keep going at it and losing more morale. I will try to take a week break. The stress of college is just insane. The thought that "what if I don't get a 2150+?" keeps flashing in my head, and the thought of my life being ruined (or at least my dream life). It just scares me more.</p>


<p>Rising Sophomore. It might seem early to be worrying about it, but my city (NYC) has a collegiate program called Gateway institute, which is a program in several High Schools (probably about 15 High Schools in NYC out of a thousand or so high schools), which is basically cramming ideas of College very early and the SAT's (note this is the reason why I took the PSAT in freshmen as required by them). </p>

<p>[url=<a href=""&gt;]home[/url&lt;/a&gt;] (the link to the program)</p>