Motorcycle Owner Question

<p>So I will be bringing my sport bike up to FSU and plan on living on campus. Are there any covered or secured parking on campus that I could purchase for an extra fee? </p>

<p>Also, is motorcycle theft a big issue on campus?</p>

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<p>You guys get good spots lots of times in front of buildings!!!
I'm not 100% sure of Theft, but Tallahassee, anything's possible.. :D</p>

<p>Oh and : "MC" Motorcycle Permit - This permit must be purchased upfront each year for $58.85 cash or check</p>

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<p>That's a hefty fee but I'm not required to pay insurance in the state of Fla so I guess it all balances out. : )</p>

<p>If bicycles are stolen regularily, I'd bet motorcycles that are worth a lot more money would get stolen too--you'd better get some big chains and locks for your bike if you leave it on the street.</p>

<p>^^ </p>

<p>Tallahassee is not THAT BAD lol. I'm from NYC and Tallahassee you just need to be STREET SMART. Walking around at 3AM alone on a random street with little lighting is an obvious NO-NO. Or if you are on a bike and someone comes up to you asking for directions or something that looks a tad <em>sketchy</em> should be an instant pedal fo the metal. Just be smart about it and you should be fine.</p>