Mount Holyoke ED2 Class of 2025

Does anyone know when Mt H will release their ED2 decisions?

Last year they were released on Jan 20th. The year before, they were released on the 18th.

Hi! Ed2 hopeful here. I just checked the portal and my application checklist has disappeared! Only the financial aid checklist is up. Does anyone know what this means??

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No, but my D21 noticed the same thing about an hour ago. Looking at past MHC threads, this seems to be common near decision time. Good luck!

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Good Luck, everyone!

Hey all! I scoured through last years ed2 thread and saw that the decisions were released around 6-7pm on January 23rd, a thursday. Wondering now if they’re always released on thursdays, in which case we’ll know soon (but maybe not). Good luck to you all and hang in there!


Decisions are out. Did anyone else get in?

Hello! I also got in : ) so excited to be a green griffin! (Stats: 3.4 unw, 1310 sat, 4.6 weighted. Low unw gpa bcus of chronic health issues but looks like moho is as wholistic as it claims to be!)


Yes! My daughter was accepted also! She’s really looking forward to next Fall!


Hello! I really have my heart set on MHC and I also am dealing with a low GPA due to health issues, your post made me feel a lot better. I applied RD. Would you mind talking with me about any extra steps you took during your process to maybe communicate with them about your health? It’s okay if you don’t want to as well. :blush:

OMG those are great stats!