Mount Holyoke RD 2024

Hi guys! Just wanted to get this started. Does anyone know around when do likely letters come out?

Last year likely letters were received on 3/1

Ooh I didn’t know MHC did likely letters. Good to know.

I believe they started doing these for the class of 2022. I’m fairly certain it came via snail mail FWIW.

Hey guys I am an intnl student applying.Do intnl students get likely as well?

Does everyone receive a letter saying likely, or unlikely, or just a few selected students…?

So i mailed them and they said they give it to really small pool of applicants.Less than 5% of intnl students they admit will get these

Just fyi, my D got a likely letter for class of 22 via email. I can’t remember the date but early March sounds right.

Good luck to you all!

Did any other RD parents get an email from them today? Basically just saying they are reviewing my child’s application and talking about how great they are.

Yes, we also got the prospective family email yesterday.

Smith likelies are out as of Feb 19-21, Wellesley portal says Feb 25. Seems like MHC will be the last.

only 8 more days!!! ugh

Hi guys! Wicked anxious about decisions…good luck to everyone!!!

Last year likelies came out on March 1. Do you think they could be coming out sometime this weekend?

Last year on CC ONE family reported a likely letter on March 1. They say they send very few. So I would not get too excited for any particular date.

I received a likely letter through email today!

@VickiSoCal ^^ take note.

Congrats @trumpetmathgeek !

Also got an early write from them through email at 5:02pm! Good luck everybody :slight_smile:

Seems it is March 1 weekends or not.

Here’s the notification dates from the last 5 years. What’s your best guess for this year?

2015 THU 3/19
2016 THU 3/17
2017 THU 3/16
2018 FRI 3/16
2019 TUE 3/19

(I’m guessing THU 3/19)