Mount Holyoke to Smith College

<p>DD was admitted to both Mount Holyoke and Smith. So far, she has a good merit scholarship from Mount Holyoke. </p>

<li> Is there a bus/shuttle that goes directly from Mount Holyoke to Smith College?</li>
<li>If yes, how long does it take one-way?<br></li>
<li>How often does it run?</li>
<li>Where can we find a schedule?</li>

<p>We need the same information for Mount Holyoke to Amherst.</p>

<p>Yes, there is.
To get into Amherst, follow this:
<a href=""&gt;;/a>. It takes ~20-30 minutes to get to Amherst. Friday is <em>still</em> on a weekday schedule. There is <em>NO</em> transfer. It runs every half hour. </p>

<p>Smith -> Mt Holyoke: <a href=""&gt;;/a>. It takes 40-45 minutes to get into Smith. It is a little faster if you take the express bus (5:05 on weekdays from MHC -> Smith, 5:35 Smith -> MHC). </p>

<p>Both of the buses run approximately every half hour. On weekdays, you must take the 38 to Hampshire then transfer to the 39 that will bring you directly to Smith. Because of the transfer, it takes a long time. </p>

<p>Welcome to the Pioneer Valley.</p>

<p>Thanks, chihuahua!</p>

<p>I also got accepted to both Smith and Mt Holyoke and I am having a hard time deciding. I like Smith better but Mt Holyoke gave me a plane ticket to visit and a better fin. aid package. I would love to visit Smith but my parents just don't want to spend that kind of money, especially if they can contribute that money towards my actual tuition.
It sucks that I will be able to visit Mt Holyoke through Experience Diversity and won't even get to see Smith (which is not that far away!)</p>

<p>hi pink
I didn't see why you cannot visit Smith? It only takes like half an hour by the PVTA bus. which is very convenient. It's just a matter of time management if you really wanna do that:)</p>

<p>well since mt holyoke is the one flying me to Massachusetts, they expect me to attend all 3 days worth of events they have planned for admitted students. im guessing it's their way of convincing me to go to their school.
would it be rude to ask mt holyoke during my stay there if i could visit smith?</p>

<p>As a prospective student, you are not allowed to leave campus while you are there unchaperoned. You can ask your hostess more about the policy once you get to the school. </p>

<p>Also, although I'm biased, Smith and Mt. Holyoke are definitely type schools, and you need to be a certain "type" to like either school. Smith definitely has a better location and a better dance program. Mt. Holyoke is more scenic and peaceful. Mt Holyoke has better parties (few and far between, but better), but Smith has a good number of cultural events. Mt. Holyoke is a nice museum, but Smith's museum trumps it. </p>

<p>I have been to Smith, as I took a course there, and I would not go there if you paid me, but the people are definitely really, really nice!</p>

Congrats on your D's acceptances. When your D was offered her merit scholarship from MoHo, was she advised in her acceptance email?</p>

<p>Hi there---brigdencole, I also recieved a merit scholarship but it was not indicated in the email. You have to go online and login to the financial aid login site. You should have gotten a pin number to go specifically with checking your fin aid status. All the awards are up there.</p>

<p>you don't wanna say you wanna visit Smith, say you wanna meet up with your long-time-no-see friends or relatives. Plus I'm pretty sure half of the events would be BORING. Sneak out, haha</p>

<p>Another alternative, can you not just call Smith say you're admitted and wanna spend a night? It's so reasonable for them to host you</p>

<p>Thanks, yepunsarang:
Found the aid, such as it is. Fortunately also found the reconsideration form. Even tho we made it clear on FAFSA and Profile that income in '07 was an anomaly, (i.e. 99K of SS benefits going back to '04) the F. A. packages so far have been 0 need based. Just one school on the Philadelphia Main Line has asked for estimated '08 income. Guess what position it now holds on DD's list!
Good luck to you...maybe things will change for us.</p>

<p>chihuahua, don't forget that Mount Holyoke's library trumps Smith's by far! ;-)</p>

<p>I wouldn't say Smith has a "better" location either. There is only so much to do in Northampton before it grows old. It is more of a city, so it has more shops and stuff, but it is also VERY expensive. As for movies and stuff, MoHo has that across the street at the Village Commons. We definitely have a more peaceful, prettier campus though. I suppose I'm biased, but that is what I thought when I first visited and I still believe it today. :)</p>

<p>i sincerely doubt that mt. holyoke has a better library than smith, considering that smith has the largest collegiate library in america...</p>

<p>Have you seen Mount Holyoke's library, mangopeachsalsa? You would change your mind in a heartbeat. Sometimes students from the other colleges visit our library just because they like it. </p>

<p>Smith does not have the largest collegiate library in the US. I do not know who told you that, but they were misinformed. </p>

<p>According to the American Library Association (and the Harvard tour :)), Harvard tops the list. Smith isn't even on their top 100 list.</p>

<p>Source: ALA</a> | ALA Library Fact Sheet 22 - The Nation's Largest Libraries</p>

<p>Anyway, Smith has more books than Mount Holyoke because Smith has a few small libraries for science texts, etc. Their main library is... unimpressive. It is wonderful that they have so many books, but Mount Holyoke isn't far behind and we can have their books sent to our campus anyway. Also, books arrive at our campus weeks before they arrive at any of the other colleges in the consortium. </p>

<p>Not only is Mount Holyoke's library one of the most beautiful in the nation, but it has won the Excellence in Academic Libraries Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries. Articles have been written about our library and everything. </p>

<p>Mount</a> Holyoke College :: Library
Mount</a> Holyoke College :: Reference Room</p>