Move-In Advice/Parent Events

<p>Moving D to Penn (Kings Court) on 9/1 and have read the basics from Penn online about details and the few family events that day. Any advice from the veterans here regarding move-in and the events that day?</p>

<p>My advice is that it will be an absolute zoo. If you are within less than four hours driving distance, I would recommend arriving on the 8/31 and paying the $25 or whatever for early move in. It can save a lot of hassle. The desks will loan you a big cardboard box on wheels to help transport stuff from your car to your room, but you only get to sign them out for an hour (if you are gone for more than an hour, you get charged $100!). If you didn't submit an online picture for your Penncard, go to the Franklin building (34th and Walnut) to get one right away. </p>

<p>Perhaps not the advice you want to hear, but I don't advise lingering long. From the time when we arrived to the time when my dad left, it was probably 90 minutes tops. We got all my stuff in my room, grabbed lunch, and then my dad left. Define September 1st as time zero. The closer to time zero you are, the less friends everyone has, so the more socially acceptable it is to knock on your neighbor's door and ask them to hang out. </p>

<p>Oh, and your daughter will be eating a lot of dining hall food this semester, so if you want to give her a treat, take her to the Pod at 36th and Sansom (owned by Stephen Starr, Philadelphia's most famous restauranteur).</p>

<li>Sign up for parking pass, parking permit, and parents temporary building pass if you have not already done so. I am not sure about Kings Court, but for the Quad, parents needed to show ID and the pass going in and out of the Quad building area. There will be long lines to get the pass if you did not do ahead of time. Park at the assigned lot when you are done unloading.</li>
<li>When we did it as a freshmen, there were volunteers with big cardboard box on wheels that help you get your stuffs to your room. No need to check it out until you are upperclassmen.</li>
<li>Go to Houston Hall, get Penncard and all kinds of other stuffs there, upload your best picture before hand.</li>
<li>You can apply online for PNC bank account before you get there. You can link the account to your Penncard at the PNC booth in Houston Hall after you have your Penncard. Again this saves time and you can put in money ahead of time so it is ready to go when you get there.</li>
<li>Flag down the golf cart that gets you to various places on campus for free whenever you have a chance. It helps save time and energy on this very hot hectic day.</li>

Sign up for parking pass, parking permit, and parents temporary building pass if you have not already done so.


<p>Where do parents sign up for these? Online?</p>

<p>You need to login to your student Campus Express account. The following is an excerpt from Penn Move-in Instruction:</p>

<p>University</a> of Pennsylvania Housing Services</p>

<p>Permits to unload your car are required at all of the College Houses and at Sansom Place. You can create your own unloading permit and temporary pass at “My Housing” on Campus Express. *This service will become available beginning on August 8. Student volunteers or staff will also be on hand to issue unloading permits for those who have not created them ahead of time.</p>