move in and convocation

<p>Mom to an incoming Freshman here. We are from the northeast and planning on driving down to SC to arrive on Saturday. Originally planning on starting the trip home on Saturday evening after moving in, but notice that convocation is on Sunday afternoon. Do most parents stay for this? Is it something that we should plan on attending?</p>

<p>We stayed, had dinner with some other parents we had met afterward when the girls went off to the first rush meeting on Sunday nite, and left Monday morning.</p>

<p>They main reason for staying though would be to give you ALL day Saturday, Saturday evening and Sunday for last minute runs to Target, BestBuy, Walmart, grocery store, etc.</p>

<p>We found that once we had everything in her room we still were missing some things that we could not have anticipated such as a longer Cat 5 wire for the internet, things to hang pictures and bulletin boards without messing up the walls and some bath/shower accessories since she lived in Capstone. Having the evening to get them allowed us to shower, grab some dinner, and pick up the last few items while also having a chance to relax and unwind.</p>

<p>Move in day is rather hectic, it's hot as blazes not to mention the humidity so it will be very physically draining. Give your self the extra time if you can.</p>

<p>Oh and don't expect your child to be with you after you have them moved in, they'll be off starting their new adventure with newly made friends. You can always find other abandoned parents like yourselves to join you for dinner. :)</p>

<p>concur with eadad
we stayed through that sunday,though we took advantage of the early move in offer and had much of saturday and sunday free to do the myriad chores. Be prepared for hot weather!!
be advised that some departments have welcome receptions for their students on sunday as well as the convocation taking place.If you've never been to one,a convocation can be impressive.
We knew we wouldnt be able to be back for Parents weekend that year so we wanted to take the opportunity to spend some time in Columbia..and for good measure we added a few days at the beach afterwards!
we're from the Northeast too, (NYC area) and if you are planning to drive its a long drive!! You will be physicially drained from heat/ might be wiser not to start the drive back that same day even if there was nothing else you wanted to do in town.</p>

<p>What goes on at the particular "Major/College" convocation and also the general USC convocation? How long do the convocations last?</p>

<p>Any descriptions/words of what goes on and the length of the convocations?</p>

<p>We are leaving Saturday afternoon so there will be at least one freshman at convocation without parents!</p>

<p>its ceremonial but nice.Impressive, as faculty are in academic dress.Its the formal beginning to the academic life of a student.One more thing to help students feel they "belong". Probably an hour,hour and a half? At USC, its preceeded by departmental receptions, which are also nice ,social and a way to meet faculty.</p>