Move in Crew?

<p>How do we sign up for times to move into our dorms???</p>


<p>I do not think you sign up for times based on previous discussions here. You just choose the time you want to show up with your belongings to move in. There have been previous posts about the best times to move in, with likely larger crowds and more waiting early in the day, say around 7 AM to 9 AM or even til noon or later.</p>

<p>MAP made the recommendation to show up later in the day, say around 5 pm or later (unless you feel you want to show up early to brave the masses in order to possibly have first pick at a bed). Moving in later likely means you can just move in quickly without the crowds from earlier in the day. Search for MOVE IN DAY thread in the NYU forum.</p>

<p>I understand haha I was just extremely confused by what people are posting on the NYU Welcome Week event page on Facebook.</p>

<p>or... play a sport and move in august 16th :)</p>

<p>When I moved in last year, I was supposed to get there at 7AM, but didn't arrive until 4:30. And everything was perfectly fine. Moving in went very smoothly!</p>