Move in date

<p>When do we get to move in to our dorms? I was also wondering if anyone has heard from the housing department about which housing they have and who their roommate is.</p>

<p>[SDSU</a> Housing Administration & Residential Education](<a href=“]SDSU”></p>

<p>*When is the first day of move-in?
Friday, August 26, 2011. You will be notified of your move-in time.</p>

<p>*Can I move in to the Residence Halls early?
Early move-in is available only to students assigned to Tenochca, University Towers or Villa Alvarado residence hall. Additional charges apply.
International students should contact the International Student Center for more information regarding move in at: telephone: 1-619-594-1982, FAX: 1-619-594-1973, or email: <a href=“”></a>.</p>

<p>*When will I receive my hall assignment?
Your room type will be available in late July 2011 and your specific hall and roommate in early August 2011. This information will be in your SDSU WebPortal. If your License Agreement is received after these dates, you will be notified by telephone or email.</p>

<p>*How will I know who my roommate is?
In your SDSU WebPortal, in the Housing Application process, when completing the online Living Choices, under the section “Authorization for Release of Information,” you will need to authorize the Office of Housing Administration to release your first name and telephone number to your prospective roommate.
In early August 2011, we will notify you and your assigned roommate of the hall to which you have been assigned. If your assigned roommate has also authorized release, you will be notified of their first name and telephone number.</p>