Move in day at Princeton class of 2022 International student

I am helping my D move in on 1st September. Does anyone know of the format of the day. We have our move in times. Should I be available on the 2nd for ‘just in case’ senarios. Or do I say goodbye on the Saturday and that is that until the Winter Break when she returns home to the UK? trying to plan flights.

After move in day, we let our son bond with his new roommates and friends. We did hangout the next day at the art museum and grabbed lunch. Met him for 5 min for a tearful goodbye (my tears, he was happy) then off to airport in the afternoon. Hard to let go, but necessary for them to grow…

I suggest that you join the Facebook’s Princeton Parents’ page. You’ll find it very helpful for the next four years for any questions you have. For now, Move In day is just that, move in day. You bring your child’s stuff, help him/her settle in, and then adios. You should have received a “Parents’ Weekend” event in October, which gives you another opportunity to see your child if you so wish.

Hi TigerDad, I have requested to join the FB page but am still waiting acceptance. I can’t afford to fly over for the Parents weekend in October. But thanks for the advice.

Psywar, Thank you. I think I shall stick around for some of the 2nd to touch base then get myself to Newark and fly home. Yes letting them fly is hard, this is number 3 so have done it a few times already! I know I shall cry!

If I were flying in from abroad, I’d like to stay as long as my schedule would allow. Get some sightseeing as well as to check back on your kid.

One thing I’d strongly recommend: make sure to have your D take a vitamin C each day until the initial orientation, including the outdoor experience, is over with. So many reports of kids getting sick. Traveling is stressful, move in is stressful, orientation is stressful, trying to become familiarized with an intimidating new environment is stressful. You don’t get to sleep well during the outdoor orientation event, and they all add up to: getting really sick. And that’s not a good way to start the first day of classes.

About the FB parent page: they take a LONG TIME before they allow you to join, so just wait around and you’ll be in. I think it took me a week of waiting.

Is there a FB group for class of 2022?

Yes, search “Official Princeton Class of 2022”

I’m a rising junior, so I moved in 2 years ago and things might have changed since then. But from what I remember:

Move-in starts Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon/evening usually have orientation activities, so freshmen may or may not be able to see their parents. Sunday morning and afternoon also have more orientation activities; after dinner, freshmen meet up with their OA/CA groups and prepare to go on their week-long trips. I don’t think it’s necessary for parents to stay until Sunday, but you’re certainly more than welcome to, and you’ll likely be able to see your child if you do.