Move-In Day for ERC

<p>I checked the website, but it's all dated 2009 info
Directions</a> for Move-In</p>

<p>My questions are, is there a specific time for Move-In Day on the 18th? It IS the 18th, right? x_x</p>

<p>I really need to know the time because if it's in the morning, my family has to make hotel reservations, but if it's in the afternoon we can save a few hundred by staying at my cousin's place 2 hours away haha.</p>

<p>for revelle they let us move in from sep 18 to sep 21. so I assume it's the same for other colleges since the welcome week start about the same time.</p>

<p>For ERC, they assigned us a time to move in. They do this to avoid heavy traffic during certain times of day. You can request to change your move in time if it's inconvenient though.</p>

<p>^ thanks! what a relief (:</p>