Move in day?

<p>I would bet this has been asked before. but I couldnt find on the UF section.</p>

<p>We are moving in next Wednesday, our appointment is 1pm. I was wondering if we could arrive 15 minutes earlier? will they let us park?</p>

<p>Also will they have dollies or carts that we can use? Or is it best to bring our own?</p>

<p>thanks see everyone next week.</p>

<p>Parking restrictions are lifted, so you can park wherever restrictions are lifted - here's the list of the color lots available to park in Transportation</a> and Parking Services - Decal Restrictions and here is the map Transportation</a> and Parking Services - Parking Maps. So for example, red and red 1 decal lots have lifted restrictions, so you can park in those lots if there's one by your dorm (which you can see by looking at the map).</p>

<p>I've never moved anyone in before, but I helped someone move out this past year, and dollies are available, but there's always a wait for them during move out, so I bet it's the same (if not worse) during move in. So, if you have your own or can borrow one or something, that would be MUCH better than having to borrow one. I have no idea about arriving early, so maybe someone else can give their 2 cents about that.</p>

<p>If parking if lifted in those certain areas it would be lifted when it's usually enforced (something like 7am-4pm). You can certainly arrive whenever you want (and park whenever you want) as no one is going to be out there checking but just keep in mind it gets a little hectic on move-in day and you'd be taking up a spot that someone might need.</p>

<p>I suggest you come and hour or two early, have lunch somewhere with your family, etc. OH and definitely stay hydrated, it's gonna be hot!</p>

<p>OK thanks so my appointment time is @ 1pm. I will get there at 11am. Unpack my dads truck and move it out of the way so someone else can park.</p>

<p>You can only arrive at your appointment time.. They might let you in. But they did not let me in eearly over Summer B.</p>

<p>ufgator I had a feeling that was the case. and without the key we cannot unload our car so we had better show up at our appt time. thanks</p>