Move-in day

<p>So move-in day is on the 19th of September right? Is there a certain time that we have to move in, or can we just come in anytime? I live 7-8 hours away, so I really need to know this. Thanks! </p>

<p>Oh, and how much is a parking permit? Is it a monthly fee?</p>

<p>i thought move in day was the 16th, and im sure they will send you more information when were getting close to move in.</p>

<p>edit: nvm just checked and it was the 19</p>

<p>rikkomontanez, there is a block of time specified by the housing department for the move in. I don't remember last year's time frame, but it was suggested that you get there as early as possible because of the heavy traffic.</p>

<p>get there as early as possible or very late to miss the lines</p>

<p>This pdf. might be of some help..... <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>I was one of the earlier people last year. Go early to get the good side of the room.. and to avoid lines.. It gets crazy.</p>