Move In...Please start an advice thread!

<p>Only 3 more weeks...We are new to UT and the move in process. Please post your tips and advice. My son will be living in San Jacinto, if you have specific advice for that dorm. Are there elevators? There were none at my older son's dorm at another college, so just wondering. Also, how does the whole thing work with meeting at the baseball field first?</p>


<p>Yes there are elevators. I recommend using them when going up to high floors, but not when returning to the lobby level. The elevators always wait at the lobby floor, so getting up is quick. However it can be much faster to walk down 2 or 3 flights of stairs to the lobby level when leaving. The stairs are right next to the elevators.</p>

<p>You check in at the baseball field, basically you park and walk up to a line of people, they give you your keys and make you sign a form. It takes all of 20 minutes, and most of that is standing in line. Then you go over to the dorms and move in like normal. The reason for the check in at the baseball fields is because there is ample parking for people to park there and check in. If it was done closer to the dorms they would run out of room.</p>