move in, recruitment, OA and AA

<p>A year ago ( and for some several years ago) many of us who post regularly were sitting in line getting ready to "move in" our precious children to The University of Alabama. We had the same nervous stomachs ya'll have, the same worries, the anxiousness, the fear and the excitement that come with this process. I just want ya'll to know that as I did this morning most of us probably got up and remembered that time and silently said a little prayer for all of you and your children. </p>

<p>To those who are doing OA and AA I hope that y'all find the experience valuable, fulfilling and that you make TONS of new friendships. Those friendships and relationships will come in handy as a support system as you begin your journey of your freshman year.</p>

<p>I know that there are several who are arriving for Band Camp? (Am I just tired and insane??) But if you are I wish you cool weather and sunshine!</p>

<p>Ladies who are going through recruitment....I spoke to my DD as she prepared for a sisterhood devotional service this morning and 1 final run through of each days door songs ect. She and all the Greek women at The University of Alabama are very excited to meet ya'll and show you what Greek Life has to offer at Alabama.
Remember finding a sorority home is like buying a new pair of might like the Louboutins with their red soles and stiletto heels but they might not fit you much as you want them to :). You may just have to go with a pair of kitten heeled Vera Wangs or a comfortable pair of ballet will wear them everyday and therefore they need to be the "right fit" in order for you to be happy and feel good. There are 16 great houses on campus (yep even though they are participating in formal recruitment gotta include DG's)....these ladies have worked so hard to show you what sisterhood means to them. To them their house is "the perfect fit" and they are seeking out others who will feel that fit as well. Keep an open mind, wear your smile even thought you are hot and tired, don't listen to "tent talk"...remember their "shoe" might not fit you, maximize your options, get lots of rest, hydrate, when you have time to rest..DO IT!!!....and most of all remember as nervous as you are are the the women on the other side. Let us know how it goes..mommas and daddies :)...y'all are in my thoughts and prayers ...Roll Tide and yes....21 days until football !!!!!!!! Wooo Woooo!</p>

<p>Apparently the SEC is making a play for your Missouri Tigers. How do you and hubby feel about that? </p>

<p>I think it would be great since I'd have a free place to stay for road trips :-)</p>

<p>We are very pro for the Tigers going to the SEC :)....I think they will have their hands full. We have heard it's because they want to cultivate a big rivalry against Arkansas. are welcome anytime.....seriously! Word of warning Tiger fans need major tutorials on tailgating...doesn't even begin to compare to Bama. We are trying to "teach" our group but they are "slow" learners.</p>

<p>Rumors are the Texas A&M and Florida State also want to come to the SEC.</p>

<p>We had heard yesterday that A&M was a front runner for coming in official for the SEC said that Florida State, Missouri and Clemson were not coming but then it was reported that talks with those 3 schools were continuing. Let the football frenzy DS and DH are all over this. Can't tell you how many "briefings" I received yesterday. If y'all are interested Saturday Down South is a good Facebook and Web page to follow this story line.</p>

<p>I really hope A&M does not come to the SEC. I do not need that added drama or competition in my family (as my uncle, dad and bro are all Aggies).</p>