move in till classes start

<p>So the move in day for the dorms is the 18th, but i noticed that classes don't start until the 23rd. This is probably a really stupid question, but what are we supposed to be doing in between then? is there gonna be stuff going on?</p>

<p>Remember the 20th is the Convocation, so you are required to go, also I recommend you to check your classes buildings beforehand, it won't be nice to wake up Monday with a map in the hand and your schedule in the other hand asking everybody where Williamson Hall is.</p>

<p>oh man,it's a good thing you suggested that! that's such a good idea. I wasn't even thinking about how I was gonna find my classes. You probably just saved me from a lot of stress.</p>

<p>Checking where your classes are - 1 hours.</p>

<p>Partying and clubbing - The rest of the 4 days and 23 hours :D</p>

<p>But seriously take that time to get to know your floormates and have some fun.</p>


<p>There was stuff going on in my dorm all the time during that first week. We also went as a group around campus to find our classes. The first week is the week to meet lots of new friends, before the semester ramps up and you start to get busy.</p>

<p>You can always spot the freshmen, they're carrying their schedules and maps during the first week of classes. It's fun to watch.</p>

<p>the funnest week of the year if you're a freshman.</p>