Move-in weekend, seasoned parents?

<p>Hello, daughter was accepted ED1 (yay!!) and I'm trying to take advantage of knowing that in advance to book our hotel stay. She will be flying back and forth, so we'll be acquiring anything large there. From poking around online, it looks like residence halls open for new students on aug 26 this year, and last year, there was a variety of planned activities for both students and parents that day, and then parents wave goodbye in the evening and students go off for their own things. </p>

<p>Does that mean that we don't see them again after that, so any help with move-in needs to happen during the day on the 26th, and we're safe flying out the morning of the 27th? or is that more of a ceremonial thing, and people help with moving on the 27th? If there are planned activities plus all move-in occurs during the day of the 26th, we'll need to get down there with at least a day in advance to acquire things like desk lamps and bedding... </p>

<p>Any tips about what should be on the shopping list for the dorm? Are they allowed microwaves & mini fridges? </p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>Congratulations to your daughter!</p>

<p>If memory serves me right, you should plan on arriving a day early. The activities are throughout the day and pretty much end with the ceremonial welcome through the Gates of Pomona. After that you have a chance to say goodbye and it is not likely you will see them again. </p>

<p>During the day the kids will start by moving into their dorm and meeting both their Sponsors and fellow Sponsor group freshman. They will need your help with setting up the room, after that they will stay with their sponsor group and parents and family will have their own set of activities to attend. You may see them again at lunch and again for the welcoming ceremony.</p>

<p>Activities are planned with the sponsor group as part of a bonding process, for the first couple of days they will stay as a group getting the lay of the land. They register for classes and some kids will be testing for course placement. The sponsor group is great because the kids have a group to eat with and the sponsors can answer any questions they may have or direct them to the right person to talk to. The day is really spent separating the kids from parents. It is both sad and exciting as reality sets in and you realize the time has come to let go.</p>

<p>After the first couple of days the freshmen leave for their orientation Adventure. Freshmen are given a choice of adventures and they spend a few days meeting other freshmen students while having fun. My DD chose the Yosemite Adventure and spent a few days hiking and camping. She had a ball and gave her the opportunity to meet a larger group of kids from some of the other dorms.</p>

<p>If I may suggest take an hour or so the day before and get to know the village. It is quaint and not very large but it does provide a nice escape when you want to go to the movie or go for a yogurt or just dine outside of college. Then I would learn where the nearest Target, Costco and grocery stores are located. All are fairly close but with the exception of Trader Joes, you will need a car.</p>

<p>Zip Cars are great and inexpensive and located on campus for the times you need to get around. There is a shuttle service to stores like Target however I don’t know much about them.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>


<p>We arrived the day before move-in day and spent the time shopping for those items that we didn't want to bring or ship, e.g., lamp, etc. You can pre-order from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and pick up from the store in Upland. I think there are other store such as Target there as well.</p>

<p>I believe the Sheraton Fairplex in Pomona (not to be confused with the College that's located in Claremont) offers a Pomona discount. We stayed there the night before since the suites are relatively spacious and offer privacy for student and parent(s) alike.</p>

<p>Try to get to campus on the 26th first thing to best utilize the time available so that moving in, which includes getting a student ID and keys plus the physical moving in and getting the room in habitable format, is accomplished before new student and parent orientations begin. Parents are expected to part with their kids by 7 pm, and you won't see your D after that. (Parent</a> Orientation - August 26, 2012 - Pomona College) We spent additional time in D's room setting up her computer while she went off with her sponsor group but definitely left campus before she returned. So, yes, you can plan to leave the morning of the 27th.</p>

<p>Both you and your D should be receiving information from Pomona re: items to bring in late May/June or so. If memory serves me right, there's now a place where students sell/give away items they no longer need - microwaves, etc. D and her roommate purchased a used refrigerator from a student after they moved in. I think they acquired a microwave the same way. We did purchase an electric fan.</p>

<p>Have fun!</p>

<p>We did the Bed, Bath,and Beyond pickup. Go to your home store and pick out items you want which you then pickup in Upland. Also the college begins accepting shipments a couple of weeks early and we ordered a few things from Amazon which were at Pomona when we arrived. Be careful not to go overboard. My senior son never had a microwave, for instance, never really felt a need for one. The sponsor group made multiple trips to places like Target for the ones that needed something. The link to the student-run fall sale ReCoop[/url</a>]. If you do want something from ReCoop arrive early. We went to get a rug in the afternoon and the selection was slim. A fan is mandatory and a refrigerator is nice. If you are buying a new computer remember the academic discounts and the fact the Pomona has a site license for Microsoft Office so you do not need to purchase Excel, Word or anything like that if the computer does not have Office on it. Remember the ethernet cable. Though every dorm room my son has lived had some wireless coverage the wired connection is much more reliable. Pomona parent ITS link [url=<a href="">]Info</a> for Parents of Incoming Students - Information Technology Services </p>

<p>Kids end up finding things anyway. My son has a double futon and couch in his room now. He loaned his college provided bed to someone else. A pair of shorts, t-shirt, and a hoodie and he is happy. Pomona is such a great place I am sure your daughter will have a great four years.</p>

<p>Congrats to your daughter; Pomona is a fantastic place! </p>

<p>Like previous posters, we arrived the afternoon before so that we'd get a decent night's sleep before move-in. We flew with minimal checked baggage. Stayed at the Sheraton Fairplex, rented a car, stopped off at the drugstore for toiletries, detergent, a desk lamp, cereal and milk on the way to campus. Checked in at the dorm, then stopped off at the re-coop sale but didn't see anything she really needed. For bedding, I bought linens and a feather bed at home, and brought them with us. The only other purchase was a mini-fridge. It was really convenient to purchase online and have it shipped to school. </p>

<p>I don't think microwaves or toasters are allowed, but could be wrong. Either way, it's not something most students would need, as Pomona's dining halls are superb, and are really generous about allowing students to take fruit and other items that they can use for snacks or missed meals.</p>

<p>Moving in that morning was simple, and then there were just a few things to accomplish (ID and such), followed by a lunch and an opening convocation. Late in the afternoon, parents were welcome to leave so students could meet with sponsor groups, and parents were sent to a reception at the president's home. The run through the gates followed, and I was very happy to encounter some old friends so we could have dinner together and whimper about how quiet our lives were about to become!</p>

<p>You may not believe this right now, but you will be ready to leave the next morning. Trying to see your child would just be wrenching, IMO. It was much easier to return for a visit in a few weeks :), thanks to a conveniently timed business trip.</p>

<p>For hotels, my favorite is the Doubletree because it's so close and is very comfortable, but it is often booked during big dates. If you're a government employee, be sure to use the government rate. The Sheraton is nice, but a bit more distant and you need a car. Casa 425 is an easy walk from campus, and I hear it's nice. Just a bit pricey.</p>

<p>Microwaves are allowed. Recommend the red Magic Chef!</p>

<p>There is an IKEA fairly close as well and they have a great variety of bed toppers to improve the standard dorm bed. We Sheraton Fairplex during the week but have found it to be loud on the weekends (lots of large social events with people roaming the halls at all hours of the night). Casa is a nice place to hang out and have a drink, but I have heard the rooms are not only pricey but noisy. The A loft in Rancho Cucamonga is awesome. There are many, many options within 15 minutes of the campus. The recoop is a wonderful idea but while our S's microwave has endured, the fridge has only worked marginally from the beginning. You might be better served by buying a new one at Cost Co. ---they have them.</p>

<p>Microwaves are allowed. Hot things like toasters and kettles are not, I've never heard of the rule being enforced. We don't have room inspections. Microwaves aren't really necessary, because everyone else will have one and it's not like you're going to be microwaving anything secret. But if you think you will want to use a coffee maker or a toaster oven, you should bring one yourself.</p>

<p>Show up to recoop very early (when it opens) and you will probably be able to score a full size couch for about $20!</p>

<p>Or if your student is an athlete and has 5:30 a.m. practice then you might want a microwave!:)</p>

<p>Yes, the definitely keep you busy on your first day with sponsor group meetings, ceremonies, and orientation. My parents and I got to campus the day before to walk around a bit, and we started setting up my room as soon as it opened on the first day. We got everything unpacked that day. You have "final farewells" at about 5:00, and they're pretty much what they sound like. I think you'd be safe getting there the 25th to buy desk lamps etc. and flying out the day of the 27th.</p>

<p>Fridges are allowed. I don't have one, but if you have milk and cereal in your room, they can be nice. A couple things that I am very glad I have here are: a mug, a water filter, a bowl, an ethernet cable, a stapler, and extra toiletries (within reason). They give you a full length mirror, so don't buy one of those. Also, some dorms are air conditioned (Mudd Blaisdel, Gibson, and maybe others?) but in the dorms that aren't, small fans or window fans are really nice for the first couple of weeks. I love my bike too, but that's more of a personal preference. </p>

<p>"Show up to recoop very early (when it opens) and you will probably be able to score a full size couch for about $20!" </p>

<p>What size dorm did you have?? =P</p>