Moved to Regular Decision

My child applied at Chapman Dance for EA. Notice came that the application has been moved to regular decision for March. Does this mean rejection? What is likely of getting accepted now?

It just means they are moving them into the pool with those applying regular decision. It’s good, as it is Not a rejection! My 1st daughter applied ED to Wellesley, was deferred to RD and got in. Make sure you update them with mid year grades and anything new, significant and relevant.

It’s what’s usually referred to as “Deferred”. Not an acceptance and not a rejection, the application will be re-considered in the regular application round, compared to other regular deadline applicants and other deferred students.

Schools don’t know how many applicants, or really good applicants, they’ll get in regular admissions, so they may set the bar a bit higher in ED/EA, only accepting those that will clearly be accepted (based on history). Those in EA who clearly won’t meet expectations are straight rejected. I suspect the accept rate in RD of those deferred from EA are about the same as the overall average.