Movie Director Dream

I am 20 years old (from Malaysia), I completed South Australian Matriculation in 2013 and obtained a bad result. In 2014, I joined UK degree transfer programme (law) and quit. For now, I wish I can join University of Southern California/ New York University to learn film-making etc (about the studies of films/televisions). I asked friends’ opinions and they suggest me to join American Degree Transfer Programme and transfer credits to apply these universities. I felt depressed and do not have any ideas on how to do because the students in these universities said that the acceptance rate (especially the cinematic art school) is very low. Just give me some opinions. Thanks.

The students that join those types of ‘top’ film programs often have done a lot of related activities on their own, filming and editing and writing stories and screenplays. Do you have that type of activities that show keen interest and talent? Also people come to film-making from all walks of life. But to do it as a job requires a lot of sacrifice and creativity in jobs hunting and fund raising. Many times it is either students who can live off their parents money or students who are willing to live very poorly on low paying jobs for some time.

No, I didn’t join any related activities. I wish I can join too but didn’t really have that much opportunities to participate these kinds of activities. Most of the parents (including my parents) force their children to find a stable career like accounting etc and directly go to the society to earn money. You are right, I understand. I sincerely hope that I can have a fresh start in doing these activities. Sorry for broken English I come from Chinese background.

You probably won’t get into USC with ‘broken English’. How about you study film in your own country first? Multimedia University or something?

is there something wrong with your conutry? there has been lots of directors that won oscars without even going to a US college

example Alejandro González Iñárritu

^^ This sounds like the must-go-to-western-country rah-rah to me, which is prevalent in Asian countries.

NASA2014: I wish I can study further in US to learn more different things, I agree what you said. But I hope I can study in university.

International95: Yaya, in asian countries there are many students like to study in western countries. In US, there are many fantastic film schools, my dream is to study at there =)