Movie thearter near UCR

<p>So I heard that the movie theater thats right new UCR sometimes gets rent out for UCR students if a popular movie is showing that weekend? Is this true....and what movies do they rent it out for...</p>

<p>How much are the movie tickets anyway at the UV or at a theater elsewhere?</p>

<p>tickets r 5 bucks at the uv(student discount)</p>

<p>that's cheap O.O</p>

<p>omg that's hella cheap! like..they're ALWAYS just five bucks??</p>

<p>I am pretty sure they are 6 and not 5
and every now and then ASPB rents out the theater for a midnight showing of debut movies.</p>

<p>They only have a select few amount of tickets so its not like you just get to flash your student id card and go see it for free. You'll get lucky if you get tickets for it because they give the student government people tickets before the average joe</p>