Moving from SF State to CC to Fresno State

Alright, so I will complete 2 years at SF State and have 52 units. I cannot stay there for another year because it’s really expensive. I want to go back closer to home so my family could help me also Fresno State offers a Major SF state doesn’t and that is why I want to transfer. But I won’t have 60 unites yet. I’ll need one more semester of classes. I’ll have all of my GEs done so I guess it’ll be random classes I take until I get to 60?? Is this a good idea? I know I’ll be behind on graduating in 4 years but that doesn’t bother me.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you’re saying that you need 60 units to transfer then yes I would take some classes at one of the CCs around Fresno state, otherwise you might only have sophomore standing anyway. So you might as well take the classes at a CC to save money.