moving in stuff!

<p>i'm from tx so i will have to buy most of my stuff up in new york. i was looking into ordering online and having it shipped to campus. does anyone know if we can get packages on campus and if we could ship dorm stuff before movein day? will they hold packages for you ahead of time?</p>

<p>Once u move in I believe u will get ur own mailbox, mailing address and such. You can receive packages too but only after uve already moved in. I doubt they'll hold it for u ahead of time...</p>

<p>I had this issue last year, I don't know about RH but I called the mail room at LC and they told me it was ok, so we shipped about four large boxes to the mail box address at LC and it came on Thursday. D was doing Urban Plunge and moved in on Friday so that worked out fine. If you are moving in on Sunday, I think the mail room is closed on Saturday (at least at LC it was) so maybe if you time it so it shows up on Monday you should be ok. If you call the mail room at whichever school you are going to, they can tell you. It's hard to find their phone # but if you look for it you can find it on line.</p>