moving in

<p>I suspect I'm not alone in this concern but it just crossed my slow-little mind that we're moving in on have to arrive on Thursday (?) in order to access the P.O. and retrieve things that were sent in order to have them move-in day????</p>

<p>Do you think the UA post office works odd hours to acomodate moving day? Just wishful thinking.....</p>

<p>Have to make plan reservations soon and I almost made them for the 6th but then we don't get in until 4:30 or so in the afternoon.....and that might be too late to get to the post office for packages....</p>

<p>U.S. Postal Service</p>

<p>The Ferguson Center Post Office is a full-service location offering complete mail services, post office box rentals, mail orders, and express shipping. 1-800-275-8777</p>

<p>Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 4PM</p>

<p>You might try calling them and ask....</p>

<p>Since there are more than one moving-in day, I don't know what their policy is. :(</p>

<p>ARWGH! The more things are computerized, the less individualized! I'm still working on this and currently awaiting a call from Regina Stapleton who has something to do with package delivery and housing.....The young man who answered the phone THOUGHT they might be open for move-in weekend but didn't know about 'early' I'll get this answered because I suspect other OOS folks would like to know, too :)</p>

<p>Thanks, M2ck.....that P.O. number is a national number....have locals now and will see waht is said.</p>

<p>The post office won't accept packages. They referred me to the Paty Package Delivery Center......still waiting to hear if they are open that weekend. Otherwise, pickup is just during the week.</p>

<p>Paty was open last year during earl move-in. We went there and got four boxes that we went from our home to our son. Cannot think of a reason why it would not be open this August.</p>

<p>The Post office should be open its normal hours as it is not University-operated (the University could close for snow and the post office will still be open). They will accept packages shipped via USPS or another country's postal service (ie Royal Mail or Canada Post).</p>

<p>The package delivery center should be open during early move in weekend. If you could wait until Monday morning to pick up what you have shipped, that would be easier. </p>

<p>The direct local phone number for the University post office is (205) 342-1138. They should be able to help much more than the 1-800 number.</p>

<p>Thanks! You are right: the post office is not open for move-in weekends but I was called back and the Paty Package Center will be open both the 7th and 8th for early move-ins. That is good news, othewise we'd have to travel a day early and stay an extra day.</p>

<p>On the subject of moving in..... how do people do it? There are no parking spots allocated for moving in. I had to move in my d this past weekend for summer school at one of the on-campus dorms, and I got a ticket (which I can contest, you get one 'grace period' if you are a 'visitor', but the next time I guess you have to pay it) because I didn't put on my flashers when I parked out of the way, but illegally, on Monday night to unload a few things--a couple of trips in and out. I also noticed that there are about 20 carts available for moving in, which is pretty inadequate come Move-In Day. </p>

<p>So how do students move in, or rather, how do parents help them move in, without walking blocks holding stuff? This seems ridiculous, but perhaps there is a smooth way it works. I didn't move in my d last year when she was a freshman, and didn't get the details about how it went. </p>


<p>Not sure of details, but whe we signed up for early move-in for OA, it said they would mail a parking pass to our home address. SO - I'm assuming parking pass + scheduled move-in time should help things.</p>

<p>During move-in, there will be people directing you to drive up to your child's residence hall where you will quickly unload stuff onto carts and have your child and possibly a move-in volunteer move stuff up to their room while you drive away and park somewhere else. The walkway in front of Ridgecrest South is turned into a road with the removal of the metal barriers. Pay attention to the directions on the move-in pamphlet that will be mailed to you as some roads will have detours. There should be plenty of carts available. I think UA borrows some of the flatbed carts from Sam's Club.</p>

<p>Move-in went very smoothly last year. We pulled up in front of Lakeside West, and in just 23 minutes, we had the car unloaded (and we have a large vehicle). Then, I drove over and parked near Rose Towers.</p>

<p>We are OOS and I think that we got very lucky last year. We arrived the day prior to "official" move in and were just driving around when S got a call from a roommate (that he hadn't met) who told him to come on over to the dorms because they were letting people move in! It was around 5:00 and there was ONE other family there. By the time we were done there were a few more, but it was still really easy. If you are there early - swing by and check it out - you never know!</p>

<p>FWIW, the USPS on campus will accept most packages- I've sent 40-50 pound packages through that location without any problems. The only time they've transferred a package of mine to Paty Hall was when I received a 30-pound, 8-by-2 foot box for a bike from Amazon.</p>