moving into Palladium

<p>I have a question about moving into Palladium. We'll be moving my daughter in on the morning of August 28th. Does she have to let them know she's moving in that day so the key is available, or can we just show up? Also, are the same "laundry carts" available for move in at Palladium?</p>

<p>OHS, You can move into Palladium anytime from 7 AM to 10 PM on 8/28 in order to get keys and have access to moving carts. No sign up required ahead of time. Just come during the hours specified. After 8/28, you can check in anytime from 10 AM to 10 PM.</p>

<p>If you get to Palladium early on 8/28, it will be OK to park the car temporarily at the 14th St. entrance (with someone by the car at all times). However, mid-day and other times during the week, 14th St. traffic makes parking really difficult on 14th St. Then you have to park your car temporarily at the 13th St. entrance (again with someone in the car or by the car at all times) while the student walks to the 14th St. entrance for the check in.</p>

<p>Thanks again, Evolving! Now we just have to pray it doesn't rain that day. Right now it looks like a monsoon outside my window. My fingers are crossed for a dry day and a parking space out front for a few minutes :o)</p>

<p>OHS, Where are you? Mass? We have cleared up finally here in NY (Long Island) area. Our system must have moved up north.</p>

<p>It is dry now, hallelujah! It looks like for NYC, Sunday is forecasted to be the day with lowest precipitation of all days in the next 4-8 days. Let's hope the weather is accurate for your move!</p>

<p>Also, do not forget to park at the 13th St. (back) entrance if you find that traffic is too busy on 14th St.</p>

<p>Evolving: Yes, we're in Massachusetts--about 200 miles from NYC. It's pouring outside at the moment and will be raining on and off for the next couple of days according to the forecast. Your rainless forecast for Sunday sounds great, except we're moving a week from Sunday, not this Sunday. I'm thinking sun, sun, sun, sun.... :)</p>

<p>If we have to park at the back entrance on 13th Street, don't we still have to go around to the front entrance on 14th Street to get in? We can probably unpack the car wherever we find a temporary space and my daughter can go get a moving cart while my husband parks in a nearby garage. We had such an easy time moving into Weinstein last year--I'm hoping our good luck continues for this year!</p>

<p>I find it ironic that my daughter lives in MA and is going to school in NY, while I grew up in NY (lower Westchester) and ended up going to school in MA! Life is funny sometimes.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that weather constantly changes and is really unpredictable until within 1-2 days or so. Even with all of our advance meteorological technology, weather is still something that's very hard to pin down with high accuracy. Hopeful for a sunny Sunday though! :D I had to walk in pouring rain last night coming from Macy's. It was not fun and my umbrella was just a buffer and it felt like a mist was being sprayed on me. lol</p>


<p>Yes, That was what the Palladium Asst. RH Director indicated. The student would have to walk to the front entrance on 14th to check in first and get the room key and moving cart, then maybe get the cart out the back entrance on 13th. You will not have to deal with this if traffic is not bad and if you are early enough on the 28th, you probably can stop temporarily on 14th St. to unload your D's belongings.</p>

<p>Oops, I was thinking this coming Sunday is the 28th because my S is moving in this Sunday. I forgot he is moving in early because of Project Outreach. :)</p>


<p>You are right. The weather forecast can be off, especially if it is more than a couple of days ahead. I left out the word "probability" of precipitation is lowest in the coming days from Thursday on. Of course, that has to be checked closer to the actual day, which now appears to be almost 2 weeks in advance, so OHS will have to check back for the weather report on this end. :) </p>

<p>One unfortunate thing, the NYU students cannot get away from messy walks in the rain (wait until the snow begins, ugh!). An umbrella can be an encumbrance instead of being useful. It may be better to get a good raincoat, so you do not have to worry about the wind making the umbrella ineffectual. My son hardly ever carried an umbrella, though I packed two for him. Instead he relied on his rain jacket in the rain, even in heavy downpours. Also, this is the time (when there is bad weather) that residents of Weinstein, Hayden and Goddard can rejoice at their prime location close to most school buildings. :)</p>