<p>Hello Parents! Who better to get advice from then parents! I'm a high school senior, and I"m finally realizing that when I go to college most likely I will be MOVING. I'm really interested in Baylor University, but I've been hearing a lot of things. I love the college itself, but the surrounding area bothers me. I'm not interested in a "night life" but safety wise... Ok I'll just say it, is Texas racist? I'm an African-American girl, so this is very important to me. I come from Seattle, so I'm used to being in a predominately white area, but will it be a huge culture shock (especially from the locals)?</p>

<p>Hi Bunny-we’re in Seattle too! From what a friend of mine in Texas, whose D got into Baylor but didn’t go (she chose A & M instead), parts of Texas you would want to be careful, other areas, not as much. I know that’s not much help, though.</p>

<p>I don’t know if you’ve got your college list yet, and the Seattle SD does nothing regarding college fairs, but Federal Way is having one on the evening of 10/17 if you’d like some information. My own D is interested in HBCU’s so Texas isn’t on our radar. I’d be happy to ask my friend for more information if you’d like, though.</p>

<p>Actually I signed up for Baylor’s visit on October 20th! I’d love more information! Texas seems great for me. Thanks =D</p>

<p>Ok, I will ask my friend and let you know. Good luck to you!</p>

<p>In every school and every city, there are racist people and racist areas. There are also great people and great areas. If you are thinking that Texas is the South and should be lumped in with stereotypical things you hear about the South, note that those things rarely happen and occur mainly in towns too small to have a college (which partially accounts for ignorance breeding racism). Waco is a nice city, not small, with a large religious community.</p>

<p>I’m from Texas! I don’t think it’s anymore racist than anywhere else. You’ll find small towns that have bad reputations, but they are the extreme exception and not the norm - and all decent people of any color are shocked and appalled by that kind of behavior too! I don’t think you’ll have trouble at Baylor. Here is a hint - something I’ve noticed about those places that have a reputation for being racist. Check the demographics. Do a search on the demographics not just of the college, but of the town/city. Is it close to representative of the population of the nation? If so, you’re probably in great shape! I think they’re still working on diversity at Baylor. I’ve never been there myself. Have you visited? That would be my suggestion - spend a weekend, get a feel for it.</p>

<p>I sent you a PM based on what my friend had to say. She had an interesting perspective based on which part of Texas one is in.</p>

<p>As a test, I looked up a couple of cities that I know have a reputation for being racist. There are fewer than 1% blacks in those cities. I was raised in a very diverse Texas area -our demographics are similar to the nation’s - except the hispanic population is markedly higher.</p>