MPH in the Environmental Health Field

Hi everyone, I’m a sophomore working on my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health. I’m trying to consider whether or not to continue in graduate school after I complete this degree. I was thinking about going for an MPH with an Environmental Health concentration. However, I see a lot of contradicting information online regarding whether or not this degree is worth it. Some say a MPH is very useful and versatile, while others say it’s virtually useless now due to the amount of people that get one.
I have the NYS STEM Scholarship, which dictates that I need to work in NY State for 5 years after graduating (I am able to defer this if I go to graduate school). That being said, I’m not going to be picky with my job choice after graduation so long as it satisfies the contract. Most entry-level job postings I see in the EHS field are EHS Specialists, which I wouldn’t mind doing. However, I ideally want to do research and/or environmental monitoring and remediation.
Should I plan to get a job right after finishing my Bachelor’s, or should I go for the MPH (or a different graduate degree?)
Thank you in advance for your help!