MS classes, gpa on HS transcript

<p>In our school district no Middle School grades or classes go on to the HS transcript. GPA starts in High School. How common is this? It doesn't seem to make sense as the mid-terms and finals are the same for the math classes in both schools (we only have one MS and one HS in our district) but that's how it is. Is this unusual for public schools?</p>

<p>I think it's pretty common. Around here (also PA) it's only HS grades that go on the transcript.</p>

<p>The only MS grades that are reported on our HS transcripts are the ones that count towards HS credits. For instance, 7th & 8th grade language (together) count as 1 foreign language credit, and some kids start "advanced math" in 8th grade, and since that course corresponds to the 1st level HS math, that grade is also reported.</p>

<p>Ah, but I'm not talking about what makes sense, instead I'm asking how other High Schools treat Middle School classes. ;) As I said, our MS has the same tests and books as the HS classes but those classes, specifically Algebra I and Algebra II, do not go on to the HS transcripts, grades do not count on HS gpa and the classes do not count towards graduation requirements. Same thing with foreign languages.</p>

<p>School systems have different methods for this. Some schools include MS grades in the GPA calculation, others don't. My kid's HS gave the students an option -- they could include their algebra grades on their HS transcript if they wanted to, but it was up to the student.</p>

<p>The reason not to include MS grades -- the vast majority of 8th graders are not thinking about college. They don't understand what a GPA is, or how important it is. Many kids are told that high school is what really counts. And remember that 8th grade classes are chosen in 7th grade -- it seems unfair that a decision to take a HS class made when you are 13 years old should adversely affect your HS GPA.</p>

<p>here in so cal, if you ask, they will put high school courses taken in middle school such as math or foreign language on the high school trascript but they are not included in gpa. The value is for university of california admissions, as they count those semesters towards college prep classes taken.</p>

<p>Interesting answers. Obviously schools have different methods for doing this, that's why I asked what other did.</p>

<p>At our MS, there is no "choice" with picking your math class -if you got better then a C at the end of your 7th grade math class you would just progress to the next level. pre-alg leads to algebra and algebra I leads to algebra II. All of my three kids did Alg. I in 8th grade and one did it again in 9th grade. The one that did it in 9th grade again was repeating it because he got a C in it in 8th grade and none of us (student, teacher, parents) felt he knew it well enough. </p>

<p>Knowing that their MS grades didn't go on their HS transcript did take some pressure off and we felt free to allow our son to take Alg I again. I like the option idea though.</p>

<p>My high school didn't count middle school grades, and it seems very odd to me that a high school would do so unless the middle school classes were specially designated for high school credit.</p>

<p>Here the MS classes are included on the transcript if they count towards HS units (Algebra 1, French 1 in the case of my daughter) - but the grade shown is simply CR (credit). </p>

<p>Does not impact GPA or class standing but does count towards graduation... </p>

<p>The grades are only added after the freshman year if the student has taken and passed the next higher level class (e.g. French 2 in my daughter's case).</p>

<p>my kids all took Algebra I in 8th grade - same course as Honors algebra I in the high school - no high school credit was given and it is not on the hs transcript. They hs math starts with Geometry H.</p>

<p>In our school district, if you take HS level courses in junior high (no middle schools here), you have to specifically request that those coursed be placed on the transcript. When my D completes high school, she'll have 6 years of HS math, but only 4 will show on her transcripts.</p>

<p>My D had a choice for Algebra I and German I. She had to decide by October 1 of 8th grade year if she wanted the courses for high school credit and GPA. There has been a change since then, and while middle school students still have a choice of taking the courses for high school credit or not, the courses are not included in the high school GPA calculation.</p>

<p>In our school system, the kids used to have a choice -- if they took a high school-level course in middle school (this would almost always be math or foreign language), they could either 1) count it toward graduation, have it show on their transcripts, and have it count toward their GPA, or 2) none of the above.</p>

<p>A few years ago, the second option was eliminated. I heard that the reason was that some students were opting not to count their courses taken in middle school and were then finding it difficult to meet graduation requirements, especially the 4-years-of-math requirement. A kid who took algebra and geometry in middle school, which is quite common here, would have to take a year of math beyond calculus in order to have the necessary four years of math, and some didn't want to do that. </p>

<p>We now have some students taking algebra 1 or first-year foreign language as early as 6th grade. These courses, taken by 11-year-olds, go on the high school transcript. This doesn't seem right to me.</p>

<p>In our school system Algebra 1 and Biology are taken by the top 8th grade students and the grades go on the transcript. Interestingly for languages students are placed into the second year of the language in 9th grade and get credit, but no grade for the first year of the language. (The excuse being that the course takes two years in middle school.) For the few students who accelerate in math or science earlier, those grades will also appear on the transcript. They make a big deal about it and basically don't let anyone take the classes unless they expect to get a B or better. It doesn't bother me a bit. The kids who are super accelerated are also usually getting the top grades in the classes.</p>

<p>High school math courses (usually Algebra I and Geometry) and high school language courses taken in middle school are placed on the HS transcript and count toward the GPA. </p>

<p>The (public) high school my S goes to requires a math entrance exam; some kids who took Algebra I/Geometry in middle school end up retaking Algebra I and/or Geometry in HS. I don't know what shows up on their HS transcript in that case; I hope just the HS offerings of those math classes.</p>

<p>My daughter has completed 8th grade this year w/an A in Algebra and a B in French. Would the French grade of a B be good enough to have as a High School grade for GPA - should she take French I again as a Freshman? Very important but hard to make that determination. Thanks for any input.</p>

<p>This depends on your school. Ask the guidance department at your High School.</p>

<p>Wow, lots of different methods. I don't know why this surprises me!
If our students take a class that is HS credit (Alg 1, Geometry if they are 2yrs ahead, Spanish/French 1) then those grades do show up on their transcript and do count towards their GPA. The only way around this is if you get a low grade, you can retake the class. If you get a higher grade it overrides the lower one.
The students that take the HS classes are made aware, as are their parents, that they are in the 'big league' now and it is not to be taken lightly. The grades do matter and will follow them into college entrance consideration.</p>

<p>The only grades and course that appear on the high school transcript here are courses taken in grades 9-12. BUT it's pretty apparent from that transcript what kids have done prior. For example, both of my kids took Spanish 3 as 9th graders (because they took 1 and 2 in Middle school). If kids are ahead in math, they would take a higher level course in 9th grade (because they took the prerequisite in middle school). </p>

<p>No middle school courses are counted in the HS GPA.</p>

<p>I don't see this as an issue.</p>

<p>autumn1, isn't the real question whether she's learned enough French to be comfortable in French 2?</p>