<p>What is a good school in the East w/major or minor in dance, where you get to actually dance and perform? Probably minor in business.</p>

<p>Check out Muhlenburg College, a highly regarded regional LAC in a pretty part of eastern PA.</p>

<p>[Muhlenberg</a> Theatre & Dance: Curriculum](<a href=“]Muhlenberg”></p>

<p>[Muhlenberg</a> College Accounting, Business, & Economics - Business Program - Major Requirements](<a href=“Page Not Found | Muhlenberg College”>Page Not Found | Muhlenberg College)</p>

<p>Muhlenberg is a great option. I would also recommend Franklin & Marshall. They have some nice dance facilities and a lot of students are involved in dance as a minor or just for fun.</p>

<p>For Dance, take a look here: [Dance</a> Major - College Confidential](<a href=“]Dance”>Dance Major - College Confidential Forums)</p>

<p>Our d, a theater major, just chose Muhlenberg over Wisconsin, Kansas, Drew and UC Riverside. One interesting point about Mules is that it is the only school ranked in the top 10 in both theater and dance. The theater department encourages theater majors to take dance classes. Good luck.</p>