<p>Can anyone give me any information on the continuing studies program Masters of arts in sports administration i.e. if it actually leads to a valuable career , and if the professors are familiar with the sports industry ? Any information is helpful. Thanks !</p>

<p>So this forum knows nothing about the Masters in Sports Admin ?</p>



<p>does anyone on this forum actually attend Northwestern ? And would they be willing to find out some information for me ?</p>

<p>Northwestern students rarely take masters classes as undergrads -- when they do its usually their senior year in an area they have been studying and planning to grad school in. So MSA, being a subject students wouldnt be taking as undergrads (especially since none would have had significant experience to gain value from it), being in the School of Continuing Studies which is decidedly for non-full time students, is unlikely anyone will really know much about.</p>

<p>If you want to work in the sports industry, get connections, work hard in menial unpaid summer internships, and you'll have a shot. A master's degree isn't going to do much for you even at as great a school as NU.</p>