MSc Human Rights - LSE vs. UCL vs. King's

Hi all -

This is probably a long shot, but I’ve applied to the MSc Human Rights at LSE, the Human Rights MA at UCL, and the Social Justice and Global Health MSc at King’s - all one year master’s.

Wondering if anyone has any advice on choosing between them: among other things, I’ve read that UCL is better with research than King’s, and that the King’s campus’ are spread really far apart, which is a logistical pain, and that the King’s administration tends to make things difficult for students often.

In terms of UCL vs. LSE, I’ve read that LSE has a better reputation overall, and I prefer the focus of the program, but - I’ve also read that it’s really hard to have relationship with professors at LSE, whereas at UCL you have really close working relationships with professors, as well as more seminars vs. lectures.

Any thoughts or advice on any of this? Thank you thank you!!

Always go for programme over reputation. All 3 of these universities are great anyway. Though from general perceptions: LSE > UCL > KCL. There is a bigger jump between UCL and KCL than between UCL and LSE. Though, like I say, don’t let that dissuade you, choose the programme structure and courses that speak to you the most.

KCL human rights will likely be set mainly in Somerset House (though, do check). A beautiful, and I mean beautiful, neoclassical building on the Thames. It’s right next to the LSE so I don’t imagine too many issues on the travel front. UCL is very spread out too, though a very nice campus in general. LSE is the closest to a campus - it’s very small and condensed one 1 road and a square. Also LSE will have built their final new building for now, the Marshall Building, by next year, so you will have that too.

Also, I’ve addressed the professor issue elsewhere. I don’t think that’s true - at least, from my experiences.