mschedule replacement

<p>Looks like it got shut down. Any alternatives? I can't imagine doing this by hand. :(</p>

<p>Doing what, planning out your schedule? I use mozilla sunbird. I only used mschedule to see who was going to be in my classes anyway.</p>

<p>Finding possible schedule combinations with different classes. Can sunbird do that?</p>

<p>Yes. You put it into weekly calendar view, click the place on the calendar you want to add a course, specify the start and end time and what days, and you'll be able to see your schedule pretty much just like you do on mschedule. You can even color code it and make multiple overlapping calendars. It's really cool, I use it as my planner, too.</p>

<p>I personally think it is MUCH more convenient than mschedule, I can't imagine doing my schedule with that site.</p>

<p>But sunbird doesn't automatically generate possible schedules based on just picking a list of classes.....</p>

<p>Oh. Well no. You have to input the classes. If you wanted to you could create a layer for each class and then play with different combinations yourself since they can overlap.</p>

<p>lol That's the entire point behind using mschedule.</p>

<p>Well, mschedule is dead. So you'll have to get over that.</p>

<p>Mschedule is down right now because the original creator has graduated and stopped updating it. However, I (along with a few other web developers) have taken over maintenance of the site. Look for it to be up within the next week.</p>

<p>Has mschedule always shown your entire schedule to anyone just by entering their uniquename? I would not have had an account there if I knew that was going to happen.</p>

<p>MSchedule is back up now.</p>