Mskcc hopp 2021

Did anyone apply for this program? Does anyone know when we will hear anything?

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i applied! i think the brochure says decisions will come out April 2nd, but i haven’t heard anything.

The brochure now says acceptance notifications will begin April 30th :frowning:

I just checked and they changed it back to April 2nd

It went back to April 30th

oh ok i see it now

Hey, I was thinking of applying next year. I wanted to open an application to check out the questions, but the portal is now closed. If anybody minds answering me what was on the application. What questions were there? What stats/ECs you applied with. It’d help me a lot with wrapping my head around the program. Thanks.

Did anyone get an update? The brochure now says acceptances will start to be released April 2nd

Brochure says April 30th. It says April 2nd on the brochure I see.

they updated the brochure

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Has anyone gotten any update at all?

I was emailed earlier and told that I had made it to round 3 and was within the top 7% of applicants. They said they would be reaching out in the coming days to schedule interviews with some applicants, and that final decisions will be on a rolling basis.

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That’s great. When did you receive the email?

Hi I received the same exact email today as well. I think someone will reach out to schedule an interview with me? I’m not sure if anyone knows let me know pleasee

4:34 PM EST yesterday.

@acollegejunkie @BMCStemStudent1 Congratulations on getting an email and an interview!! Are you from NYC? I applied from out of state, and I’ve heard they might prefer NYC kids, at least in the past.

No, I am from the Mid-Alantic (not NY or NJ).

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Junior ?

I’m from upstate NY but I go to a school in nyc, I’m also a junior. hopp is quite competitive so I don’t think I’ll get in at all.

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