Mskcc hopp 2021

I received this as well, a few days before the 7% email notifying me that I had made it to the third round.

Just received an acceptance notification!

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Just was accepted! Will be choosing between Rockefeller and HOPP, so if anyone has any thoughts, I would love to hear them :slight_smile:


What were your stats if you are willing to share?

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Hi Shadow! Here are my statistics:
3.9 GPA (unweighted)/4.2 (weighted), T/O. HS does not offer AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/Honors Classes. 21 college credits from classes taken outside of school.

ECs - Immigration Non Profit Work, Quizbowl, Science Olympiad, Griptape, NSLI-Y Mandarin, Local Youth Philanthropy Board, Local Youth Planning Board, New York Academy of Sciences Junior Academy, Internship at Local Education Non Profit


Hi shadow!
I have a 3.9 gpa (unweighted) and 4.4 (weighted). Currently in IB taking all 7 IB courses.

EC - Started a filmmaking nonprofit called the outspoken narrative, currently on the board of a student run nonprofit zenerations, volunteer locally, and am currently based in Virginia.

Oh wow! You are going to commute from Virginia?

Students were able to respond if they’d prefer to participate virtually or in-person I believe.

I am probably going to find a place to stay in new york!

I got my acceptance email today as well.
Also, what labs did you all get into? I got into the Lab of Julio Garcia-Aguilar, MD, PhD, I’m not sure what this means, if anyone knows please let me know!


I got into the lab of David B. Solit, MD. I believe this means that that this is who will be mentoring us through our research, and our research will probably be focused around the topic they are researching, but I’m not entirely sure.


Ohh ok, thanks

Did anyone with lots of research experience get in?

I had like 300 hours and didn’t get in lol. current senior

Hi ,
Any suggestion where to find a temporary house near MSKCC ?Thanks!

I think there might be some movement on the waitlist

Hey did you get into the program? I am looking for housing near the area! I would love to connect