Mskcc hopp 2022

Starting the thread on Mskcc hopp 2022 . The program timeline shows March 18, 2022 Begin Acceptance Notifications.

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Does this program give preference to Juniors over sophomores ?

Juniors and sophmores are much more likely to have stronger accolades

@Mark_Suppiah @blessu Have you guys received results?

Either way…Good luck to every one

Not yet I’'m pretty sure they will come tommorow so let’s sit tight!

Best of luck to everyone! :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:

Is the result out yet?

It’s March 19th and I haven’t gotten any email or notification from HOPP. Did anybody get anything?

We have not received any communication.

Nope, I have not gotten anything. It’s just been radio silence :confused:

Maybe we have to log on to the website to check it, but i don’t think so??

Just curious, where did you see the results coming out as March 19th. Did they post it on their website it part of a email chain?

It said on the brochure that acceptances would start rolling out March 18th.

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Lol , it says it right there. Yeah, is March 18th

Thanks for posting it.

has anyone heard anything? If we heard nothing does this mean we were not accepted?

It’s rolling admissions

What do you mean by that specifically? I thought they had a set deadline. Does this mean that applicants can still apply or that they have not found enough qualified people.

I don’t think applicants can still apply (although I’m not a 100% sure about this). I think it just means that admissions decisions won’t come out all at once.


Has anybody received anything at this point? Has anybody also tried emailing the program?

I emailed them a few days ago. They said that we can expect to get results at the latest in 2 weeks and hopefully by next week.

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