MSM MT - Class of 2023

Anyone else accepted to MSM MT for the class of 2023? Figured it would be a good idea to start some discussion on it.

My son got in for Musical Theater! :slight_smile:

My son has been accepted, too. ??

My daughter was accepted, it is her first choice! We have seen three shows there and are going to see Fiorello next week.

Congrats to you all! We are planning to visit again in the coming weeks and sit down with Liza Gennaro to discuss the future. How exciting this is! What a fabulous school and program. Best of luck to you all with decision time! :smile:

My D was accepted. We are planning a visit for late April and looking forward to learning more about the program. Does anyone know how many they accept and what the target class size is?

And Congratulations to everyone - very exciting!!

@ac2680 I believe they were going for 25-30, so I expect they accepted around 40.

Congratulations to all! My D was also accepted. This has been her dream school since day one. We had no clue that you should apply to as many programs as possible and she only did four college auditions. I found CC after the fact and I was so worried when I read of all the rejections experiences. We are beyond thrilled! Now we have to tackle the finances and try to make it work!

My son has yet to join it as he wants to wait until it’s official, but there is an accepted students Facebook Group for MSM MT 2023. It was created by some current students. Just search MANHATTAN SCHOOL OF MUSIC MUSICAL THEATRE ADMITTED STUDENTS 2023.

Hello, I posted previously …my daughter is excited about her acceptance. She did get an offer from another top school which is also a favorite of hers. What is it about MSM that you love. What do you feel makes this school stand out and why is it a fit for your child. We are visiting both schools in the next week but we do love MSM. Any thoughts would be helpful.

I would say for us it came down to 3 things: faculty, quality of education, location.

If you look at some of the faculty bios, you will see that they are all extremely well versed in their fields. Many of them stars in Broadway productions. The students will be being taught how to do this from people who truly have been through it. One of the acting teachers, Randy Graff, is a Tony Award Winner and was the original Fantine in Les Miserables. The whole faculty is out of this world impressive and seems to have the passion for creating the next generation of Broadway stars! Not to mention, Liza Gennaro is remarkable and clearly has some big ideas in store for the program. She is going to be someone that when people find out you’ve worked with her, they will be utterly impressed. The curriculum also has a great range to it and MSM seems dedicated to showing their students off. Looks like each class gets a showcase every year! I think it’s also important to note that students receive real proper voice training. It is a school that trains opera singers, and while MT is different, the technique is still valuable and the students will be taught how to properly and healthily sing for their whole lives.

As for the location, what can I say? It’s Manhattan, New York City. Center of the world. Our kids would study Musical Theater all day and then on any given day can go see a Broadway show, a Ballet, an Opera, an Orchestra, a Museum, and so on and so forth. They will get exposed to all art forms and types of people. The location of the school in particular feels so much like a community. It’s in a much more suburban area of New York, with trees, parks, gardens, and water all nearby. You just have a comforting feeling of safety in that area.

D is visiting April 18th and is very excited to learn more about the program. We are also going to see the MSM Gala at Carnegie Hall on April 17th - I’m excited for that!
I’ve heard the area surrounding the school isn’t the best. Does anyone have insight on this?

I actually totally disagree. I would venture to say it is one of the safest areas in New York. My S did the Summer Program there in the past and the location is one of the key components of why he loves the school. Such a true college town as Columbia is right nearby, as well as Barnard college. Lots and lots of students around the area. It is one of the few places in NYC that feels like a community, with nature everywhere, parks across the street, and a beautiful pier to the Hudson where you can take boat rides. Truly a lovely neighborhood with access to restaurants, stores, a Duane Reade, Grocery Store, and anything you could need.

@flo4g8 thank you for sharing this information! I’m happy to hear your son felt very safe there. We are looking forward to our visit and my D is very exited about the possibility of attending MSM.

Thank you so much for the information! It is a great help to hear from parents of students. We have been to the campus four times and one thing I do like about it is that it is away from the tourist area, it seems calm and clean! They can always head out into the hustle bustle any time. We are also going to the gala! Maybe we can have all the prospective students meet afterwards?

@“collegehelp!” we’d love to meet up after the gala. My D would love to meet any prospective students.

My D was accepted. We recently sent in a financial aid appeal to see if we can somehow make MSM work for us. Hope to hear back some good news.

We were in the area of MSM this past summer, and I concur that it is a gorgeous, clean, quiet, and safe part of New York.

Unfortunately, our only day to visit is Saturday April 27, so my D won’t be able to sit in on any classes. But we do have a meeting scheduled for that Saturday with Liza.

After visiting MSM again and meeting with Dean Gennaro and speaking with current students we learned some of the new changes coming to the program. First of all, within the SEVEN productions MSM students can take part in, 1 of them will always be a new musical. The musical is usually picked from a competition and the students work with the creators. All productions at MSM are directed by outside people so the students may make connections and work with as many pros in the field. Not only are the directors from the professional world, but so are the music directors, choreographers, and designers. The productions are of the highest caliber.

Also! New to the curriculum will be electives in your upperclassman years. So for Freshman and Sophomore year you do the core program, and then for Junior and Senior year you can take classes on book writing, play writing, writing a musical score, directing, choreographing, etc. So you will be well versed not just as a performer!

Dean Gennaro has some big plans in store!

@flo4g8 we visited MSM last week and met with Liza Gennaro and were so impressed with her. It’s evident how intelligent and knowledgeable she is, but she was also approachable, forthcoming and kind. She has a clear vision for the program and is making some exciting changes. My D loved the classes she sat in on and the current students she met. MSM has become the front runner for her!