MSU admissions class of 2025

The website says they have the right to close admissions at any time, but doesn’t have a deadline by which you needed to have applied to the school.

Does anyone know if invitation to the ADS competition is dependent upon being accepted to Honors College? I would think you would need to be honors college invitee to even be offered the chance to compete for an ADS Scholarship,

Yes this is what my son was told by his AO. That of he got invite to ADS he should be receiving his invite to Honors College soon.

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Purely fyi, I received my acceptance at the end of October but did not receive my Honors College invitation until today, more than a month after withdrawing my application because of an ED acceptance elsewhere. The letter was dated December 2020, though (and I’m still receiving information from other colleges whose application deadlines already have passed), so maybe the USPS is to blame. Good luck everyone. Enjoy the rest of high school.

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My daughter just received the ADS competition invite 1/19 (postmarked 1/12), so keeping our fingers crossed for the honors invite to follow. She was accepted end of October, sent the additional honors essay around 12/22, and followed up with the honors college to make sure they received it around 1/7.

My Daughter recieved her ADS invite within the last week as well following submitting an essay to the honors college. I have heard not certain of the accuracy but, only Honora College invitees received the ADS invite. So we are waiting the Honors College letter as well.

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Hey guys,
I’m having doubts with my status! I applied late November and I still haven’t received a response. My friend had applied like a week before me ( regular decision) no sat, no ap or honor classes, no clubs but she got in. I’m starting to doubt myself. Here are my stats! Do you guys think I will get in?

GPA: 3.765 weighted (Ik not very good)
Sat: did not take :frowning:
Clubs: 3 clubs 2 of which I had a leadership position
In state
I liked my essay but who knows :woman_shrugging:t2:

I applied 10/28 with transcript arriving mid nov.
Same gpa as you
6 AP, 3 IB, 12 honors
Excellent essay
Great EC - incl varsity football
Lots of CC

No response yet. So I’m with you…