MSU Honors College

<p>I'm thinking of applying to MSU in order to enroll in the Fall of 2011. Currently, I have a 4.032 GPA weighted and a 3.945 unweighted. I'm in the top 3% of my class (17/700). However, my ACT composite is only a 28. On the website is says... </p>

<p>"Students who have outstanding records and are close to the criteria also will receive a comprehensive individualized evaluation and may be invited. The Honors College may request additional information before extending an invitation to membership." </p>

<p>Does this mean I can still be considered for the Honors College even though my ACT compostie isn't 30? I've been in AP/Honor courses for all core classes since 9th grade and have taken 4 AP tests and received 3 4's and 1 5. I also have an abundance of EC's with some good leadership positions.</p>

<p>Just wondering, kthx</p>

<p>Hey there:).
I was accepted to the Honors College with a 29 ACT score, but I was the valedictorian of my class. I had a total of 8 AP courses and had some extensive EC's, including a job in my intended major (vet med).
You might want to contact the HC if you don't receive an invite and just explain your situation.</p>

<p>It might be worth it just to take the ACT again and see if you can bump it up a point or two. If you re-submit your new score, you would receive automatic re-consideration for honors college. If not, you can always hope that they will consider your app. You also might qualify for academic scholars, a program that leads into honors college (but is for students with not quite hc-caliber scores/gpas).</p>