MSU James Madison College transfer to University of Michigan- S.O.S.

Is there anybody who transferred to U of M from MSU’s James Madison College? I was admitted to U of M to start there my sophomore year, but I have no idea if that is the right choice. I would love to hear about anybody’s transfer experience between these schools, or if anybody has any advice in general, it would be much appreciated.

I applied to transfer to U of M because I’m worried that I won’t have as good of a shot at grad schools (I’m hoping to get an MPA or an MPP, possibly a PhD someday) and my future career if I stay at MSU. The problem is, I really like MSU: I’m doing pretty well (3.633 GPA after first semester, with JMC’s weed-out courses), I’ve made so many great friends, I love my professors, and my major is exactly what I want to do (comparative cultures and politics). I would retain more credits (I have 57 as of my second semester) if I stayed at MSU as well.

At U of M, I’m not quite sure what major I would do- it doesn’t seem like it would be quite as perfect of a fit as my major at MSU. I would, however, be much closer to my parents because they live in a town just outside of Ann Arbor, and it would be great to worry less about them. I’m unsure if this is a pro or a con, but none of my credits so far would affect my GPA at U of M. I would have a chance to get a higher GPA than I have now, which I hope to do regardless, but there also would be more pressure on my last three years.

I’m so scared that I’ll transfer to U of M and regret it because I won’t fit in as well or find as many great friends, or that the culture will be more competitive and judgmental. I’m also terrified that I’ll regret staying at MSU, and that I won’t be as motivated to achieve more, or that I’ll miss opportunities that could help my career, or I won’t get into a good grad school. I have no idea what to do, and I have fifteen days before the May 1st deadline!