MSU OMSP application 2020

Hello, I have been accepted to MSU. I am interested to go to MSU only if I get into OMSP and I need to accept the offer in order to apply for this program. Do you know if I accept admission offer at MSU, would it affect the admission decisions at other colleges? Is there any risk you are aware of other than losing the deposit?

I do not think you need to accept the MSU adimisison offer. You can make your decision on outcome of OMSP. Send them email and they can clarify for you

HI - did you hear back regarding OMSP? I am wondering what the timeline is for interviews… should be soon.

No, I have not heard. Hopefully soon…?

I was looking at previous years and interviews are usually around March.

@sparty2020 Are you planning on following up with them? I was thinking about sending an email because they said that they would notify us in late January, but I don’t want to be too annoying.

I also heard March too. I’ll wait until then.

anyone know how many they take a year?

No I am not planning to ask for the same reason. I am just patiently waiting.

I just heard back today and received an email saying that it is encouraged to take advantage of their outreach efforts. No word on acceptance or rejection. Anyone else get that?

Hey guys! I got invited for an interview earlier today! Good luck to you all as well!

Same here. Interview! Yay