Hi all! Haven’t seen this forum created yet so I thought I would start it up. I just submitted my application today for the fall of 2020. Right now I am a freshman taking all the recommended courses. Feel free to post your stats down below! Good luck to everyone, go green!!! (:

Hey! I’m actually already a student, but I transferred in for the Fall 2019 semester, so I thought I’d still post my stats!

I had 63.5 credits (just finished my sophomore year) with an overall GPA of 3.62 at the time of applying. I had an essay that I wrote back in high school that I used when applying because I did not really think that I would transfer.

So far its been great on campus, and I hope everyone on here gets an acceptance!

Go Green!

Hello! I just applied to MSU today! I am a senior in Midland Michigan. Looking for some piece of mind to help me fall asleep tonight.

I have a 3.6 GPA
1170 SAT - essay 16
NHS member
2 Sport Athlete
Current Business owner and stock investor

Just curious what my likelihood is of getting accepted. Let me know :)!

Hey! You seem to have a pretty solid chance, especially since you applied ED. Their 2018 stats were:
High school GPA: 3.5-3.9Total
SAT: 1,130-1,300
So, you’re well in range of both, also considering you are well rounded and own a business and are involved in sports. I wish you the best of luck! (: @PapaNovak


I applied to transfer for fall 2020 on October 5th. I’m currently doing my second year at community college and after next semester will have 60 credits. My GPA is a 3.5 and my sat was 1210. I’m really nervous since I haven’t heard anything back yet! What is the normal timeline for hearing back usually? Has anyone heard back yet for fall 2020?

It can unfortunately take a long time for transfer applicants to get their decision. Typically its 8-12 weeks, but it also depends on which major and college you’d be going into. I applied for Fall 2019 transfer in February of 2019, didn’t find out my acceptance until the last week of April 2019. Good luck to everyone though, go green!

@cassandrarose2 thank you for posting your stats! I was wondering, do you think it would harm my chances if I decided not to complete the math credit this year and just complete it at MSU. It says on the website completing the credit will make me a “competitive applicant” My GPA this semester is a 3.6

Hello! I am planning on transferring to MSU next fall! But I am unsure when I apply, what do I send in? I am currently taking all the required classes at MCC and I just a little help to tell me what I apply with

Hi guys! I realize I’m late to the thread but thought I’d comment anyway.
I recently applied to MSU as a transfer student from OCC on March 31st. I have a 3.3 gpa and have completed all of the requirements for general admission. I want to attend the college of business. By the end of summer, I will have completed all of the business requirements besides ACC 202 and CSE 102.
My application status switched to “under review” as of today. Does anyone think I have a chance of getting in for fall 2020?

@user_508706 Hi! I’m assuming you have applied by now. When I applied, I had over 28 credits so I didn’t have to send in any additional stuff—all I did was the application. Then, I self reported my grades into the portal. Have you heard anything back?

The admissions process is very unpredictable. I applied as an in state transfer for the fall as a Hospitality Business major in the College of Business. I have a 3.7 gpa, 48 credits by the time I transfer and the only classes I wasn’t able to take were ACC 202 and Nutrition. I was told that I was admissible to the university, but not that major. I decided to change my major to Advertising Management even though it says that I would need to take a psychology and advertising class to get in. I have not taken either, however I was accepted with a major PREFERENCE in Advertising Management anyway. So, apparently I can have this major as a preference without taking one advertising class, but I can’t have a major preference in hospitality after taking 6 HOSP classes at my current college? It makes zero since to me.

Hello. I was deferred from Michigan State and was told to submit my spring semester stats for a final decision. My high school GPA was 4.28 with a 1170 on the SAT. I had 8 AP classes and one varsity sport with NHS and a few clubs. My college GPA is a little over 3.5 after this first year of college with well over 28 credits because of dual enrollment. What are my chance of getting in after be deferred? (P.S- I took an English class last fall semester and just finished my math this spring semester and I am about to submit my transcript.)