MSU Transfer Summer 2020

Hi all!

I applied to MSU in August 2019 for Spring 2020, but shortly afterward, I was asked to submit a transcript from a foreign institution that I had previously attended in order to be considered. It took me three months to obtain that transcript, and I finally submitted all the necessary documents in November. Since then, the application status has changed to “currently being reviewed,” and that’s it. It must have been 3-4 weeks since it changed, and I check the website every 20 minutes.

I’m transferring from a CC and have completed around 60 credits now, including the English and math prerequisites. My GPA is about 3.7. No extracurriculars.

I know that most people apply and transfer in for the Fall semester, but did anybody here transfer in the summer? What do you think my chances are?

Also, do they notify you with an email after they have rendered a decision?

Thank you!